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Someone Hurt Me
By Susan Cavaciuti
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Review by Allison Martin

This isn't really an adoption book, per se but it would be useful for anyone working with traumatized children, including children who are adopted via the various state social services. Is a very helpful resource for children who have been abused. Colorful and emotive pictures provide the background for basic text intended to help abused children accept their feelings of sorrow, anger and distrust and move toward feelings of self acceptance and faith. The book will help children express their feelings so they can work through this dark cloud caused by the abuse.

Susan Cavciuti wrote this book from her personal experience as a trauma survivor and consultant in the Creative Arts for Health. Susan explains that "one of the most harmful outcomes of abusive situations is the victim's inability to express their feelings: the pain, humiliation, helplessness,sadness, confusion and anger." Her book is intended to help children heal, to move from the pain of despair to the realization that they are now loved. Recommended for therapists or parents who are helping abused children.

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