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Travels with Baby
by Shelly Rivoli

"It's amazing how much helpful information on traveling this book holds for parents of babies and toddlers. From big trips abroad to short excursions visiting family, detailed discussions of plane, train, car, camper and cruise boat trips will make your family travel much smoother and more organized. Adoptive parents will especially enjoy topics such as choosing an airline, food and water safety, planning your inflight entertainment, and coping with ear pressure." (Allison Martin)
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Seeds of Love
By Mary E. Petertyl
"Seeds of Love is a book created for the big brother/sister who will stay at home while his/her parents travel to bring home the new baby. A comforting book that will ease your child's worries about staying home. It also provides parents with a few ideas on how to make your child's wait easier." (Wendy Barron)
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A fun way to record your adoption adventure.

International Adoption Travel Journal
By Mary E. Petertyl
"A wonderful way to record the travel aspect of the adoption journey." (Heather Peterson)
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Bird Flu : Everything You Need to Know About the Next Pandemic
by Marc Siegel

"A well informed discussion of the current status and preparations in regards to Bird or Avian Flu in Asia and the United States. Marc Siegel provides reassurance for travelers and for those staying at home. This is a good overview of what we currently know about the Bird Flu, of special interest to prospective adoptive parents traveling to Asia." (Allison Martin)
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How to Adopt Internationally : A Guide to Agency-Directed and Independent Adoptions
By Jean Nelson-Erichsen, Heino R. Erichsen
"A wonderful resource for parents who are seeking to adopt internationally for the first time. Of all the international adoption how-to books, this one provides the most advice for traveling to meet your baby or child." (Allison Martin)
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Breastfeeding the Adopted Baby The Handbook of International Adoption Medicine : A Guide for Physicians, Parents, and Providers
by Laurie C. Miller

For parents who wish to learn more about medical risks, initial screening assessments, travel precautions, and other medical issues, this would be an excellent reference to the complex world of international adoption medicine.
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