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Welcome Home Little Baby
by Lisa Harper
"This a sweet adoption book for parents of babies adopted from Ethiopia, other African countries, as well as for parents adopting African American babies is a cozy way to welcome your adopted baby home. A short poem is illustrated with white parents with an adorable black baby girl in various fun, familiar settings. Suitable for babies and toddlers up to about age 3 or 4, this book is likely to become a favorite for many years." (Book review by Allison Martin)
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Bringing Asha Home
by Uma Krishnaswami
This mutely toned picture book tells the gentle story of eight year old Arun who finds it difficult to wait for the adoption and arrival of his new sister from India. The wait seems to drag on and on; they even celebrate her first birthday without her. His father taught him about the north Indian holiday when sisters tie colorful shiny bracelets, called rakhi, around their brothers wrists. In turn their brothers give sisters small gifts in promise to remember their special bond. Arun wishes he has a little sister to give him a Rakhi bracelet! He creates paper airplanes imagining they bring her home. When his sister finally arrives, she clutches his paper airplane and a rakhi bracelet just for him. He has played a special role in bringing her home. (Book review by Allison Martin)
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The Magical Friendship Garden
by Rebekah Barlow Rounce
"This pretty children's picture book with brightly colored flowers and happy children celebrates the hopes of a young blond haired girl for her little sister from Ethiopia. She imagines garden parties, dressing up together and sharing love with her new sister. At times it is overly sweet - for example, it starts with a fantasy fairy tale picture of her parents flying on a bird to new her sister who lies alone on a flower. However, the primary feeling is a hopeful story of the joy of a new adoption and becoming a mixed-race family. It has a lovely ending, celebrating children's differences in poetry and pictures." (Book review by Allison Martin)
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I Wished for You - An Adoption Story
by Marianne Richmond

"A sweet adoption story for young children, softly illustrated with watercolors. A small teddy bear asks his mother about his adoption and she answers him with love and affection. The book centers on her wishing and waiting for him, her much wanted child. The flamboyant typeface and spotlight on the adoptive mother is a bit distracting, but its sympathetic approach to a family formed by adoption is very affirming. This gentle book conveys a warmth and affection about adoption that is well worth sharing with your young child." (Book review by Allison Martin)
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How I Was Adopted

What is Adoption? Helping non-adopted children understand adoption
by Sofie Stergianis and Rita McDowall
"A well informed and unique children's book which teaches children and adults about adoption. Through a question and answer format, it nicely demonstrates positive use of adoption language. The book is a useful education tool or teachers who are discussing adoption in early elementary grades. This book is also quite useful for children who are adopted, as it helps provide them with affirmative ways to discuss adoption with their friends, or even uninformed adults. The amount of well meaning but ignorant approaches to adopted children is legion, and it is wonderful to have another tool for adoption education" (Allison Martin)
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It's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families
by Robie H. Harris
"As you probably noticed, this isn't an adoption book, per se. This is a children's educational book about babies and birth used by many adoptive parents to explore the topic of "where babies come from". The author addresses adoption and love, unlike most reproduction children's books. Puberty, intercourse, genetics, sexual abuse, AIDS and sexual orientation are among the topics covered. While scientific and informative, comic illustration and humor is part of the presentation." (Allison Martin)
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The Best Single Mom in the World: How I Was Adopted
by Mary Zisk
"One of my favorites. In this colorful children's book, a single adoptive mother and her young daughter take turns sharing their adoption story at bedtime... Throughout the book a warm feeling of belonging is emphasized." (Allison Martin)
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Twice-Upon-A-Time: Born and Adopted
by Eleanora Patterson

"A good book with lots of pictures that talks about both birth and adoption. It is factual and graphic. No storks here! It was a little more than my first grader wanted to hear, but my third grader really was into it." (Laura Sangree)
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The Day We Met sweet adoption story book for young children

A Mother for Choco
by Keiko Kasza
Choco is a little bird who lives all alone. He is wishing for a mother. He searches all over for animals that look like him...other birds, animals his color, and with his features, but no one is his mother...He begins to cry and is comforted by a bear. She asks if she can be his mother. He replies that you don't look like me....she explains to him that mothers a the ones who hug and kiss you, and take care of you, that they don't have to look like you. She takes him home to meet her other children, who are an alligator, an hippo, and a pig. The conclusion is a mother is a person that is there for you and takes care of you, not necessarily looks like you. (Tracy Summer)
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Did My First Mother Love Me? A Story for an Adopted Child
by Kathryn Ann Miller

"This is a sweet letter written from an birth mother to her daughter. In this young children's story the adoptive mother reads a birth mother's letter to her child. The simple, poetic letter the birth mother's feelings for her daughter in her womb and her wishes for her happy life with her new family. It is illustrated with soft charcoal portraits. This is a reassuring book for young children." (Allison Martin)
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Little Miss Spider
by David Kirk

Little Miss Spider is born and she is looking for her mother. She begins to search for a mother that looks just like her...she encounters bugs of her kind and animals of her color, but they are not her mother. She meets Betty Beetle who helps her search and rescues her from harms way...and in the end they conclude "For Finding your mother there is one certain test. You must look for the creature who loves you the best." (Tracy Summer)
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We See the Moon
By Carrie A. Kitze
"This is a wonderful book for parents who wish to talk to their children about their feelings for their birthparents! It is gently affirming of your child's curiosity about their past. The text is very simple, sweet and evocative - with plenty of room for children and their parents to till in their own details and imaginings." (Allison Martin)
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A wonderful adoption book to share with your child.

Is That Your Sister?: A True Story of Adoption
by Catherine Bunin
"Shows two adopted children from two different racial backgrounds." (Adoption Advocates International)
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A wonderful adoption book to share with your child.

You're Not My Real Mother!
by Molly Friedrich
"In this book, it is clearly an Asian girl and a white mom, with blonde hair. The little girl confronts her mom as the book opens stating you are not my mom and the mother goes on to list all the fun and important things she does with the little girl. Then there is one page about a birth mom, and then the girl goes on to say all the good things she realizes her mother (adoptive) and she do together." (Tracy Summer)
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A wonderful adoption book to share with your child.

Mommy Far, Mommy Near : An Adoption Story
by Carol Antoinette Peacock
"A wonderful book for parents to share with their children to explore adoption together...This is a touching book - be prepared for tears in your eyes when you read it."(Allison Martin)
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A wonderful adoption book to share with your child.

Lucy's Family Tree
by Karen Halvorsen Schreck
"One adopted girl's approach to this common classroom project."(AAI)
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Happy Adoption Day - very popular song and book about adoption Happy Adoption Day
By John McCutcheon.

"It is a lovely book; it is actually a song that the author wrote for friends who adopted a baby. The illustrations are wonderful and it features a boy with Asian features." (Bekah Jones)
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My Family is Forever
by Nancy Carlson
From the publisher: Adoptive families are sure to delight in the special story of the narrator’s adoption—from her parents’ excited preparations and long journey by airplane to meet her, to their life together as a family. Nancy Carlson’s thoughtful, straightforward text and cheerful illustrations combine to create a reassuring look at how one little girl came into her parents’ world—and made them a family forever.
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Over the Moon a sweet adoption book for children Over the Moon : An Adoption Tale
by Karen Katz
"A cheerful and colorful international adoption story for young children. The adoptive parents prepare baby's room and travel to bring their baby home." (Allison Martin)
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I Don't Have Your Eyes
by Carrie A. Kitze

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Let's Talk About It : Adoption
By Fred Rogers.
"A wonderful book for young children about adoption that belongs in every school and home library." (Allison Martin)
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How I Was Adopted : Samantha's Story
By Joanna Cole

"Written for younger children in a question and answer format, to encourage conversations with your child about adoption." (Allison Martin)
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