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Attachment issues in adoption.

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Nurturing Adoptions - Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma
By Deborah D. Gray
Nurturing Adoptions is a guide for social workers and psychologists who provide therapy for adopted children and teens suffering from neglect, trauma, or abuse. Dr. Gray delves into the myriad ways that children can be affected by adverse circumstances - biological, psychological, behavioral, and even moral. She teaches ways to find the child's point of view, and key points of stress, and to help re-frame their awareness and behavior into a more positive and adaptive structure, ultimately leading to more balanced and fruitful lives. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in attachment and older child adoption. This is a gold mine of information for the adoption world, for parents and professionals.
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Adopting Older Children Adopting Older Children: A Practical Guide to Adopting and Parenting Children Over Age Four
By Stephanie Bosco-Ruggiero, Gloria Russo Wassell, and Victor Groza

A solid overview of the adoption of older children, with the main focus on post adoption and integration into the family. This easy to read book provides a fine introduction to the issues involved in raising an adopted child. It is a good guide into topics that families should be aware of in making this decision such as health and emotional issues, trans-racial and trans-cultural blended families, trauma, parenting styles, and development. The tone is very optimistic. A well described listing of resources completes the book.
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The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family
By Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine
"Children with special needs or difficult pasts may be damaged in many ways, which still affect them even as the events of the past are over. The parenting advice in The Connected Child deserves a wide audience; not only is it beneficial for among parents struggling with attachment or behavior issues, but it will also benefit health care professionals and therapist working with these families. Based on practical experience and research, this book provides detailed and practical techniques parents can use in teaching their children appropriate ways to behave, while responding in a loving manner. While on bad days it may seem impossible, this book not only holds out hope, it provides realistic ways to achieve the closeness with your child you long for. " (Allison Martin)
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Parenting Your Older Adopted Child
By Brenda McCreight
"If you are considering adopting an older child, then Parenting Your Adopted Older Child provides a nice overview of issues that older child adoption may bring to your family. Author Brenda McCreight has a wealth of experience to bring to this topic and she shares her knowledge and practical solutions in an organized and enthusiastic manner.." (Allison Martin)
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Toddler Adoption
By Mary Hopkins-Best
"For first time parents, the book "Toddler Adoption" provides a thorough overview of the childhood stage of one to three year old children and the challenges and joys of the adoption of a toddler." (Allison Martin)
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Our Own for those adopting older children

Eden's Secret Journal - The Story of an Older Child Adoption
By Brenda McCreight
"This fictional journal of preteen foster child's adoption is both compassionate and accurate. Soon you will find yourself caught up in the emotions of young Eden, as she loses foster family after foster family, almost afraid to wish that she could be like other kids. After a rough start, she at last finds stability and some peace with her forever mother. To her joy, she learns how to make friends. This book is not a fairy tale, as she still struggles with backtalk, lying, and other residual long term issues, but it is a uplifting reminder of the vital importance of older child adoptions."
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Our Own for those adopting older children

Our Own - Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
By Trish Maskew
"It should be required reading for anyone who is considering adopting an older child." (Susan Hall)
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Bonding While Learning: Activities to Grow Your Relationship While Preparing for Reading Success
by Gary Kosman and Grace Chiu

"This book provides a series of practical activities to share with toddlers and preschoolers to encourage speech, early reading, and interactive communication. Letters, sounds, listening skills, decoding, and more are demonstrated through games and exercises which are easy to set up at home, daycare or school. As they encourage close partiticpation and use examples from daily life, many of the activities would be helpful for older adopted children who are learning a second language." (Allison Martin)
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Our Own for those adopting older children

Real Parents Real Children
by Holly Van Gulden
"Designed to help parents and professionals better understand why children of each age think and feel the way they do about being adopted. Some of the specific issues addressed include helping adopted children who struggle with identity, grief for birth parents, and building healthy bonds and attachment with the adoptive family." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Returnable Girl
By Pamela Lowell
"Returnable girl is the touching story of a teenage foster child's social and emotional coming of age in her middle school years. Ronnie's struggles in middle school with friendship, popularity and responsibility will be captivating for many teens, and perhaps eye-opening for parents. Pamela Lowell is licensed clinical social worker and therapist specialized in treating teenagers and their families, and her experience and compassion come through in the depth of this book." (Allison Martin)
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Our Own for those adopting older children

Help for the Hopeless Child: A Guide for Families (With Special Discussion for Assessing and Treating the Post-Institutionalized Child)
by Ronald S. Federici
"Must-have handbook for families adopting from Eastern Europe but still helpful and insightful for any adoptive parent." (Adoption Advocates International)
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order book Clinical and Practice Issues in Adoption : Bridging the Gap Between Adoptees Placed As Infants and As Older Children.
By Victor Groza, Karen F. Rosenberg
"Provides a solid review of the historical and societal context, ethics, and practice of adoption of infants and older children." (Allison Martin)
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Creating Ceremonies Creating Ceremonies : Innovative Ways to Meet Adoption Challenges
by Cheryl A. Lieberman and Rhea K. Bufferd

"A guide to producing and enacting family scripts which mark key transitions in adoption for school age children. These ceremonies are a way to acknowledge the loss of transitions, even in happy situations, and provide a hopeful context to acknowledge the changing circumstances." (Allison Martin)
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Our Own for those adopting older children Adopting the Older Child
by Claudia L. Jewett

"A half-dozen composite portraits of children journeying through the American foster-care system with valuable information about the tough issues faced by those children. Some of these issues may also be seen in international adoption." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Buy Orphans of the Living at Amazon Orphans of the Living : Stories of America's Children in Foster Care
By Jennifer Toth
"Thought provoking, personal stories of five children in foster care in California, North Carolina, and Illinois over the course of several years. Recommended to anyone interested in adoption of older children (especially in the United States), or in adoption/foster care reform." (Allison Martin)
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