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Recommended books for Chinese New Year and Other China Holidays

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Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats: A Treasury of Chinese Holiday Tales, Activities & Recipes
by Nina Simonds, Leslie Swartz, Meilo So (Illustrator)
From the publisher: This stunning compilation from bestselling cookbook author Nina Simonds and Leslie Swartz of the Children's Museum, Boston, is the perfect gift for families that have embraced Chinese holidays for generations--and for those just beginning new traditions. Filled with delectable recipes, hands-on family activities, and traditional tales to read aloud, this extraordinary collection will inspire families everywhere to re-create the magic of Chinese holidays in their own homes.
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Henry's First-Moon Birthday
by Lenore Look, Yumi Heo (Illustrator)

Jenny celebrates her baby brother's first month birthday in this colorful book. The story follows Jenny through her day as the family prepares the celebrations. The colorful pictures are a bit stilted but cheerful.
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This Next New Year
by Janet S. Wong, Yangsook Choi
From the publisher: A young boy looks forward to Chinese New Year. His best friend, Glenn, who is French and German, and his cousin Evelyn, part Hopi and part Mexican, like the food and the envelopes of money, while he celebrates the fresh start the day offers. He cleans the house to make room for luck, and is glad the palms of his hands itch - that means he is coming into money. Most of all, he vows not to say things such as "can't do / don't have / why me" because he has dreams he is ready to make come true.
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Sam and the Lucky Money
by Karen Chin
"A sweet story, which combines a lesson about kindness and appreciation of good fortune, with cheerful images of the Asian New Year." (Allison Martin)
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Chinese New Year for Kids : A Hands-on Workbook for Parents and Teachers
by Cindy Roberts
Workbook for celebrating the Chinese New Year. If you are looking for party ideas or classroom activities for kids ages 3 -12, this book has simple coloring pages, dragon puppets, dragon parades, lion dance activities, and zodiac games. A fun and informative new book from an adoptive mother. (Allison Martin)
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The Runaway Rice Cake
by Ying Chang Compestine, Tungwai Chau
It's the Chinese New Year, and the Chang family has only enough rice flour to make one New Year's rice cake. But it has other ideas and runs away, like the Gingerbread Man. When the poor, but kind little boy shares with a hungry, old woman, he is rewarded by a treat from the Kitchen God.
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Chinese New Year Crafts (Fun Holiday Crafts Kids Can Do!)
by Karen E. Bledsoe
Directions for ten crafts using easy to find materials, includes dragon-streamer puppet, ribbon lantern, and Chinese zodiac pictures.
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Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book
by Hingman Chan
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The Chinese New Year Mystery (Nancy Drew Notebooks)
by Jan Naimo Jones, Carolyn Keene
Okay, this isn't your typical New Year's book. In this updated mystery the third-grade classes at Nancy's school are learning about Chinese culture. They plan to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a special parade and a dragon costume they have made themselves. But right before the big day, the dragon disappears!
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Origins Of Chinese Festivals (Paperback)
by Goh Pei Ki (Compiler), Gu Chunjiang (Illustrator), Koh Kok Kiang (Translator)
The origins of Chinese festivals and popular stories associated with them.
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Legends of Ten Chinese Traditional Festivals (Chinese/English edition)
by He Wei, Li Shufen and Zhan Tang (Editors)
Ten Chinese traditional festivals: the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Head Festival, Clear and Bright Festival, Double Ninth Day, Laba Festival and Kitchen God Day. Each festival has a relevant story.
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The Traditional Chinese Festivals and Tales (Chinese-English edition)
from Chongqing Publishing House
40+ traditional Chinese festivals including Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the Torch Festival.
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Lunar New Year for Kids wonderful multicultural book for your school

Celebrating Chinese New Year
by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
by Hingman Chan
A young boy and his family from San Francisco boy prepare for Chinese New Year, a bit more detailed than similar books.
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Happy, Happy Chinese New Year!
by Demi Hitz
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Lanterns and Firecrackers : A Chinese New Year Story
by Jonny Zucker, Jan Barger Cohen
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Lunar New Year for Kids wonderful multicultural book for your school

Dragon Dance a Chinese New Year: A Chinese New Year Lift-The-Flap Book
by Joan Holub, Benrei Huang
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My First Chinese New Year
by Karen Katz
From the publisher: Follow one little girl as she learns how to welcome the coming year and experience all the festivities surrounding it. This warm and lively introduction to a special holiday will make even the youngest child want to start a Chinese New Year tradition!
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Lunar New Year for Kids wonderful multicultural book for your school

The Dancing Dragon
by Marcia K. Vaughan, Stanley Wong Hoo Foon (Illustrator)
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Cat and Rat: The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac
by Ed Young
"This folk tale based on the Asian zodiac tells the story of how the Cat and Rat became enemies."
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Awakening the Dragon : The Dragon Boat Festival
by Arlene Chan
This is the story of the cultural and historical origins of the dragon boat festival celebrated in China and by the Chinese around the world. Dragons were viewed as protectors and a threat. To honor this creature, boat races were held with long, sleek rowing boats decorated with dragon head, which raced across the water. Special foods and celebrations accompany this event. The time of the race is not a lucky time and many customs have evolved to protect the participants, including decorations of poisonous animals, special foods and other customs. Dragon boats represent the effort of villagers to protect the spirit of one of the emperor's advisors who drowned himself in the river. Many other legends accompany this festival, including the story of a nightmare from an emperor in the 700's who dreamed of a ghost. This book provides a nice overview of the legends and customs from the past and the celebrations today of this exciting festival time.
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