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The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh
by Frederick Lipp

"A delightful book for adoptive parents with children from any Asian country to share with their children. The beautifully portrayed scenes from Cambodia will endear this book to anyone wishing to convey the treasures and reality of East Asia." (Allison Martin)
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Jauanah, A Hmong Cinderella Jauanah, A Hmong Cinderella
By Jewell Reinhart Coburn

"The illustrations are wonderfully evocative of Hmong culture and convey a sense of pride and appreciation that is will be welcome to adoptive parents." (Allison Martin)
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Girl from the Snow Country
by Masako Hidaka
"The beautifully illustrated children's story of a young Japanese girl, Mi-chan, and her quest to find bright red eyes for the cute bunnies she made out of snow. This is a beautiful book for the winter, with soft illustrations of snow, country people, and bright flowers of the market.
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Hush! Hush! : A Thai Lullaby
By Minfong Ho
"The rhythmic text along with the soothing earth-tone illustrations make this a wonderful book for bedtime reading." (Allison Martin)
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Baseball Saved Us
by Ken Mochizuki
"This young boy's determination is a great example for the reader's, even as the lesson of the destructive nature of prejudice is presented in very human terms with which children can relate." (Allison Martin)
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Passage to Freedom : The Sugihara Story
by Ken Mochizuki

"A touching story of generosity and courage across racial lines, in a world soon to be consumed by hatred." (Allison Martin)
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Sophie Skates Sophie Skates
by Rachel Isadora
"Non-fiction book for children about ice skating. Sophie is an Asian child (in a book that has nothing to do with adoption)." (Susan Hall) Ages 4-8
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Order 100 is a family One Hundred Is a Family
By Pam Munoz Ryan
"A great kids' book, particularly for those from large families. It counts various family configuration up to ten, and then, continues to count families of twenty, thirty, etc. to one hundred. Great multi-cultural illustrations too!" (Elena Langeroff)
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In the Small, Small Pond
by Denise Fleming

This 1994 Caldecott Honor book includes fun pictures of an asian boy in this book.
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Children Just Like Me
by Susan Elizabeth Copsey, Barnabas Kindersley, Anabel Kindersley
"Someone just sent my daughter the book "Children Just Like Me". We've been going through it together and she really likes it (the pictures are great).  One of the kids featured is a nine year old boy in Ethiopia who lives in an orphanage with his two younger sisters.  I thought that was great!" (Linda Muhlenforth)
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