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Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families
by Patricia Irwin Johnston
"Prospective parents who are struggling with infertility will find this remarkable book a wonderful guide to their consideration of adoption as a potential way to form their family. Patricia Irwin Johnston's seminal book, Adoption: Sound Choices, Strong Families provides advice and analysis of a wide variety of aspects of adoption as a way to building a family - from coping with infertility and deciding to adopt, through the ups and downs of the adoption process, and into the realities of raising your family. Adoption is not for everyone, and this book clearly walks you through the decision process of the family building option that is right for you. If you do decide to look further into adoption, it provides a wealth of information on both the process of adoption and the realities of being an adoptive family. Highly recommended." (Allison Martin)
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Infertility to Family
by Rocky A. De Lorenzo

"This is the eloquent story of the DeLorenzo's quest for a child - through the emotional and physical heartbreak of infertility (and infertility treatment) to the adoption of their little girl from China. Honest and always humorous, DeLorenzo's storytelling ability never falters in this surprisingly gripping first hand account. I recommend it to anyone struggling with infertility, considering international adoption or interested in the male perception of this roller coaster journey." (Allison Martin)
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Empty Womb, Aching Heart : Hope and Help for Those Struggling With Infertility
By Marlo M. Schalesky

A well crafted anthology of stories told by women and men struggling with infertility. This book faces head on the resultant impact that infertility can have on your faith and understanding of God in your life."
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When the Cradle Is Empty
By John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter

"Support for couples coping with infertility, from a conservative Christian perspective."
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Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother
by Jana Wolff

"It's really nice to see someone so eloquently be able to write on difficult subjects like infertility, home studies, and birth mothers... I highly recommend it." (Myla Stauber)
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The Complete Adoption & Fertility Legal Guide
By Brette McWhorter Sember
"An overview of the legal and procedural aspects of alternatives to birth in bringing children into your family. Prospective parents will find its breadth useful in determining which procedure is right for them. They will also find the guidance on procedures helpful in getting started on the right path."
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Adopting After Infertility helping you on your journey to adoption Adopting After Infertility
By Patricia Irwin Johnston

Johnston has updated and greatly expanded the material presented in this book, in her amazin sequel Adopting, a wonderful resource for anyone coping with infertility and considering adoption. (See above). This older precurser, Adoption After Infertility, is dated but does offers an informed and unique commentary on a variety of adoption and infertility issues.
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An Empty Lap a mother's adoption from China

An Empty Lap : One Couple's Journey to Parenthood
By Jill Smolowe

"I really liked 'An Empty Lap' by Jill Smolowe.  It not only talks about the author's Chinese adoption, but also about her battle with infertility and all of the emotions that goes along with it.  I didn't start reading until after we had decided to adopt, but I wish I would have read it while we were going through infertility ourselves.  As I was reading it, I kept saying, 'That's exactly how I felt!'  Happy reading." (Cindi)
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When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden : Encouragement for Couples Facing Infertility.
By Sandra Glahn and William Cutrer, MD.
This is a thoughtful and sympathetic discussion of infertility issues with a Christian perspective. (Allison Martin)
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Family Bound: One Couple's Journey Through Infertility and Adoption
by Carrie F. Ostrea

A personal story of infertility and adoption.
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Parents at Last adoption stories and more Parents at Last : Celebrating Adoption and the New Pathways to Parenthood
By Cynthia Peck, Wendy Wilkinson

A beautiful book about people (famous and not) who have adopted or gotten pregnant by 'nontraditional' methods like IVF."
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Healing - a thoughtful study of infertility Healing the Infertile Family : Strengthening Your Relationship in the Search for Parenthood.
Gay Becker

"A helpful and thought provoking study of the healing process and issues that men and women face in resolving feelings caused by infertility." (Allison Martin)
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