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Articles on Adoption After Infertility

When Infertility is an Act of Love
When a partner chooses infertility, it may be an affirmation of love and commitment. Pat Johnston

In-Vitro Fertilization to Adoption
Struggling with the physical and emotional trauma of infertility and in-vitro fertilization. Rocky A. DeLorenzo

Control, Loss and Dreams - Searching for a Solution to Infertility
Pat Johnston describes a practical approach to coping with infertility, in this exclusive interview. Allison Martin

Anna's Adoption
From secondary infertility to adoption. Kim Saxon

Choosing Adoption After Infertility
It takes time to work through the issues of infertility to look at options beyond pregnancy. Allison Martin

Discussing Adoption And Infertility With Your Partner
Partners who are reluctant to consider adoption, as well as a few thoughts to consider yourself. Russ Webb, Family Therapist

Marriage and Infertility : Nothing I Do Helps
Sometimes infertility is something that can not be fixed. In this personal story, a husband realizes the difference that support and communication make. Michael; Marlo M. Schalesky

Resolving the Loss of Fertility
What can it mean to resolve your infertility when adopting? Allison Martin

Infertility Begets a Family
Moving into adoption. Adam Pertman

Coping With Infertility
A personal account of coping with infertility and the journey to adoption. Jan Curtis, Adoptive Parent

Intrusive Questions - International Adoption and Infertility
Questions lead to thoughts on adoption and infertility. Tracy Desserich

Men and Infertility : The Pain of Not Being A Biological Father
A great many men are touched by the painful reality of infertility, although this is rarely acknowledged. Russ Webb, Family Therapist

The Promise of Adoption
An adoptive mother, who is also adopted, shares her insights on the "guarantees of adoption" for parents considering adopting. Dawn Rogers, Adoptive Parent and Adoptee

Persuing IVF and Adoption?
The tempation and risk of going down the two roads of IVF and adoption at the same time. Russ Webb, Family Therapist

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Adoption Education Speakers Directory
Listing of adoption and infertility experts and authors available to speak at your adoption education conferences, culture camps and events.

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Resources for adoption following infertility.



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