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Practical advice on adopting your child. Book recommendations to guide you in your adoption journey.
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Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families
by Patricia Irwin Johnston
"A wonderful tome of advice and analysis on the many aspects of adoption as a way to building a family. This book is extremely helpful for all types of adoption: private, direct, agency, foster-adopt and public; inside the United States and International; babies, toddlers and older child adoption; and same or different race/culture. The breadth and depth of this book is tremendous; it ranges from a discussion of infertility, the realities of adoption and whether it is the right option for you; through the emotional journey and practicalities of the adoption process; and into many aspects of being an adoptive family. While her focus is on people considering adoption, this well fascinating discourse is beneficial to anyone involved in adoption, including professionals working in the field of adoption and adoptive families." (Allison Martin)
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The Complete Book of International Adoption: A Step by Step Guide to Finding Your Child
by Dawn Davenport
"Well researched and easy to read, this book provides an excellent overview of many aspects of international adoption - in a manner that eases the decision making and paperwork process. This authoritative book carries you from the point of deciding to adoption internationally, through the process of choosing a country and selecting an agency (or facilitator), to meeting your child and your re-entry home. Highly recommended; this is a great resource for international adoption, providing encouraging guidance and detailed procedures for the complete international adoption process." (Allison Martin)
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Adoption in the United States: A Reference for Families, Professionals, and Students
By Martha J. Henry and Daniel Pollack
"Starting with appropriate adoption language and ending with special needs education, this book covers the wide range of types of adoptions and adoption situations, in an authoritative manner. This book stand out among other adoption guides in that it is written for professionals and students and is backed by research with numerous citations and references. Overall, the focus is on providing children with good homes, through ethical adoption and parent preparation. The presentations of medical and health issues of adoption and domestic adoption of older children through the US state social agency system are also exceptional." (Allison Martin)
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How to Adopt Internationally : A Guide to Agency-Directed and Independent Adoptions
By Jean Nelson-Erichsen, Heino R. Erichsen
"A great resource for parents looking for practical guidance as they seek to adopt internationally for the first time. The Erichsen's years of experience and forthright presentation makes for a book that is one of the tops on the subject. This book is updated every few years, and the content is both timely and practical." (Allison Martin)
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Inside the Adoption Agency: Understanding Intercountry Adoption in the Era of the Hague Convention
by Jean Nelson-Erichsen
"Experienced guidance for both prospective parents and professionals in the business on the international adoption scene. The underlying focus on this book is her care for the children who wait, and the assurance of ethical and safe placement with their forever families, in the constanting changing, and sometimes frustrating, landscape of international adoption." (Allison Martin)
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popular guide to adopting

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Adoption
By Chris Adamec
"An inspiring and informative guide for anyone in the emotional and complicated process of considering adopting." (Allison Martin.)
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The Adoption Guide
By Adoptive Families Magazine

"A terrific starting point for families considering adoption, the Adoption Guide is a detailed introduction to the adoption process and adoption issues. This timely resource is printed yearly, so it never gets out of date. New articles appear in each yearly issue." (Allison Martin.)
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Adoption is a Family Affair: What Relatives and Friends Must Know
By Patricia Irwin Johnston
"Tired of foolish comments about adoption from your family and friends? This introduction to the pitfalls, misconceptions, and issues around adoption is intended to be a basic "Adoption 101" for your parents or for anyone else new to the idea of adoption." (Allison Martin)
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popular guide to adopting

Adoption: Your Step-by-step Guide: Using Technology & Time-tested Techniques To Expedite A Safe, Successful Adoption
by Mardie Caldwell
"Mardie Caldwell is the founder of Lifetime Adoption and host of the radio talk show Let's Talk Adoption. She has facilitated over 130 private adoptions in the US; this book provides the benefits of her professional experience. Her book addresses the major areas of the private adoption process from many aspects, including the emotions, the realities and the specifics. There are not many books on domestic adoption; this is a good resource for anyone interest in learning more." (Allison Martin.)
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Breastfeeding the Adopted Baby The Handbook of International Adoption Medicine : A Guide for Physicians, Parents, and Providers
by Laurie C. Miller

For parents who wish to learn more about medical risks, local adoption groups, adoption agencies and physicians this would be an excellent reference to the complex world of international adoption medicine.
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Breastfeeding the Adopted Baby The Post-Adoption Blues : Overcoming the Unforeseen Challenges of Adoption
by Karen J. Foli and John R. Thompson

"This book provides an introduction to a number of challenging issues adoptive parents might encounter during and after adoption. It explores the possible disconnection between expectations and realities of your adoption and the adoption process - expectations of yourself as a parent, expectations of your child, and expectations of others. This is sure to be an important source book for those preparing to adopt, for parents who have already adopted, and those who comprise the support system for an adoptive family. (Allison Martin) "
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The Complete Adoption & Fertility Legal Guide
By Brette McWhorter Sember
"An overview of the legal and procedural aspects of alternatives to birth in bringing children into your family. Prospective parents will find its breadth useful in determining which procedure is right for them. They will also find the guidance on procedures helpful in getting started on the right path." (Allison Martin)
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Parents By Choice : An insightful guide exploring adoption to build your family.
by Terese E DeBlander

"Sure to reassure anyone considering international adoption. This book is a helpful overview of the adoption process for parents to be who are considering this alternative. The authors use their personal experience of adopting a baby and toddler internationally as a real life background to the practical considerations covered in their book. It provides a overview of the process and of considerations parents will want to address in the process." (Allison Martin)
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Passage to the Heart
By Amy Klatzin

A unique and informative collection of essays about adoption from China, straight from those involved - adoptive parents. An excellent resource for anyone interested or involved in adoption from China, readers will be well versed in many aspects of the journey even before they take a step in China. (Allison Martin.)
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Fast Track Adoption
By Susan Burns

"A detailed guide to conducting your own domestic adoption. This book provides guidance on procedures to private adoption such as getting the word out on your desire to adopt, conducting interviews, working with attorneys, and legal requirements. It is a results oriented approach, which is useful to someone looking for a blueprint to this emotionally difficult task. Prospective parents will want to supplement this well organized "how to adopt" book with additional references on adoption issues, such as raising adopted children." (Allison Martin.)
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Single Mothers by Choice

Single Mothers by Choice
By Jane Mattes
"A thoughtful and experienced introduction to the issues of single parenting for single women who are considering motherhood." (Allison Martin)
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excellent resource for single parent adoption

Adopting on Your Own : The Complete Guide to Adoption for Single Parents
by Lee Varon
"If you are single and are considering adopting, this book is a wonderful starting point for your journey. A well organized and methodical approach to the process and consequences of adopting as a single parent. But where Adopting On Your Own really shines is as experienced guide to the emotional and personal aspects of adoption and single parenting. " (Allison Martin)
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Our Own for those adopting older children

Our Own - Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
By Trish Maskew
"It should be required reading for anyone who is considering adopting an older child." (Susan Hall)
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Report on Intercountry Adoption

Report on Intercountry Adoption
by Penny L. Rearick, Adoption Resource Center of Connecticut, Inc.

"The Report on Intercountry Adoption provides a list of international adoption agencies, plus some excellent articles on international adoption." (Virginia VanVynct)
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A fun way to record your adoption adventure.

International Adoption Travel Journal
By Mary E. Petertyl
"A wonderful way to record the travel aspect of the adoption journey." (Heather Peterson)
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Is Adoption for You

Is Adoption for You? : The Information You Need to Make the Right Choice
by Christine A. Adamec
"Not a manual on how to adopt, but rather a book that addresses the issue that adoption is not the right choice for everyone who wants a chld... An excellent book for anyone just starting out, who wants to learn more about adoption before making a decision to proceed." (Barbara J.)
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Seeds of Love
By Mary E. Petertyl
"Seeds of Love is a book created for the big brother/sister who will stay at home while his/her parents travel to bring home the new baby. A comforting book that will ease your child's worries about staying home. It also provides parents with a few ideas on how to make your child's wait easier." (Wendy Barron)
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Memory Makers Great Scrapbooks: Ideas, Tips & Techniques
by Michele Gerbrandt, Judith Durant
There are plenty of book on scrapbooking, but this is one of the most popular. If you have the time, an adoption scrapbook would be a treasure for many years!
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