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Pancakes With Chocolate Syrup
by Rebekah Barlow Rounce
"Young girls are sure to enjoy this cheerful, colorful celebration of two sisters of two different races, by a mother who adopted a child from Ethiopia. Beginning with an fun ode to pancakes (hence the title), the main focus of this upbeat children's book celebrates the sisters' differences (hair, skin, and eyes), with a constant refrain of embracing love. Fairies, happy children, pancakes, paints and hearts cavort on the pages in bright splashes of color. A great book celebrating mothers, daughters and diversity, for children in nursery school through kindergarten." Allison Martin
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The Magical Friendship Garden
by Rebekah Barlow Rounce
"This pretty children's picture book with brightly colored flowers and happy children celebrates the hopes of a young blond haired girl for her little sister from Ethiopia. She imagines garden parties, dressing up together and sharing love with her new sister. At times it is overly sweet - for example, it starts with a fantasy fairy tale picture of her parents flying on a bird to new her sister who lies alone on a flower. However, the primary feeling is a hopeful story of the joy of a new adoption and becoming a mixed-race family. It has a lovely ending, celebrating children's differences in poetry and pictures." Allison Martin
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Welcome Home Little Baby
by Lisa Harper
This a sweet adoption book for parents of babies adopted from Ethiopia, other African countries, as well as for parents adopting African American babies is a cozy way to welcome your adopted baby home. A short poem is illustrated with white parents with an adorable black baby girl in various fun, familiar settings. Suitable for babies and toddlers up to about age 3 or 4, this book is likely to become a favorite for many years.
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A wonderful adoption book to share with your child.

Is That Your Sister?: A True Story of Adoption
by Catherine Bunin
"Shows two adopted children from two different racial backgrounds." (Adoption Advocates International)
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A wonderful adoption book to share with your child.

An African Princess
by Lyra Edmonds
"A young girl learns of her "princess" heritage while on a journey to visit an aunt. " (Adoption Advocates International)
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The Colors of Us
by Karen Katz
"An artist mother shows her daughter all the different shades of brown." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Africa Dream
by Eloise Greenfield
"A child's dreams are filled with the images of the people and places of Africa." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?
by Sandy Lynne Holman
"First off I have to say that I love this title - it is sadly touching and gets to the heart of our children's concerns when encountering the racism that is sadly still too prevelent - in media and in our day to day lives. In this book, a young African-American boy learns to appreciate his African heritage with his grandfather." (Allison Martin)
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Black All Around!
by Patricia Hubbell
"An African-American girl celebrates the color black in verse. Great illustrations." (Adoption Advocates International)
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You Be Me, I'll Be You
by Pili Mandelbaum
"The children's picture book, You Be Me I'll Be You, is the story of a bi-racial family, in which the father plays a game with his little girl to reassure her about the difference in their skin colors. This is playful book, with cute illustrations, which addresses a difficult topic." (Allison Martin)
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Africa Is Not A Country
by Margy Burns Knight
"Shows Africa's children in all their diversity." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World (Paperback)
by Mildred Walter
"10-year-old Justin jumps at the chance to visit his cowboy grandfather, where he traces his black cowboy ancestors and learns that cooking is not just "women's work." (Adoption Advocates International)
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An excellent for self esteem.

Brown Like Me
by Noelle Lamperti
"A wonderful book for preschool and elementary age children, Brown Like Me is a fun and inventive way to encourage young children in multi-racial families to take pride in themselves and their appearance." (Allison Martin)
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Chicken Sunday
by Patricia Polacco
African American and Russian culture. "A story of intergenerational, interracial friendship and creativity. This popular author has many other titles that are appropriate for teaching tolerance." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
by John Steptoe
"Beautifully illustrated tale of two sisters who travel to meet the king who is choosing a wife. This author has other titles available." (Adoption Advocates International)
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African Princess : The Amazing Lives of Africa's Royal Women
by Joyce Hansen
"Strong African women through history." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Beatrice's Goat
by Page McBrier
"Beautiful picture book about a young girl and her goats in Uganda. A great read-aloud for younger children and the author gives a portion of the profits to Heifer International." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Ashanti to Zulu : African Traditions
by Margaret Musgrove
"Lovely "picture book" with paragraphs about the traditions of 26 African tribes, one for each letter of the alphabet. Suitable as a read-aloud for younger ages." (Adoption Advocates International)
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One More River to Cross: An African American Photograph Album
by Walter Dean Myers
"A documentation of the African-American experience." (Adoption Advocates International)
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black is brown is tan
by Arnold Adoff, Emily Arnold McCully (Illustrator)
From the publisher: Brown-skinned momma, the color of chocolate milk and coffee pumpkin pie, whose face gets ginger red when she puffs and yells the children into bed. White-skinned daddy, not white like milk or snow, lighter than brown, With pinks and tiny tans, whose face gets tomato red when he puffs and yells their children into bed. Children who are all the colors of the race, growing up happy in a house full of love.
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