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Strangers from a Different Shore : A History of Asian Americans
by Ronald Takaki
Overview of discrimination faced by Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Indian immigrants throughout American history.
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Order now - The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
by Anne Fadiman
"I highly recommend this book. When a Hmong infant is diagnosed with epilepsy, her parents and her American doctors struggle over how best to treat her illness, based on each culture's beliefs and medical practices.  While this book isn't about Vietnam, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in anthropology, medicine, or Asian and American culture.  It's a compelling and highly thought-provoking story." (Julie Hessler)
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Vietnamese in America
by Lori Coleman
"Isn't this a lovely cover? This hardcover resource book for older elementary and middle school age children gives a useful overview of Vietnamese immigration and assimilation in the United States. It is not positive about the Vietnam-American war and it has a few frightening images, however the tone is quite positive towards Vietnamese Americans. This book nicely addresses some of the difficulties Vietnamese Americans had in their move to the United States, which can help put things into context for readers. It provides a very brief look at Vientamese culture, but does have a good section on 'famous' Vietnamese Americans, complete with photographs." (Allison Martin)
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Asian American Dreams : The Emergence of an American People
by Helen Zia
"This comprehensive introduction to Asian American history will fascinate anyone interested in an historical and sociological survey of events in the United States foreshadowing the present day participation of Asian American people." (Allison Martin)
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Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White
by Frank H. Wu
From the publisher: A leading voice in America's Asian community tackles what it means to be Asian American in contemporary America. Wu examines affirmative action, globalization, immigration, and other controversial contemporary issues through the lens of the Asian-American experience. Mixing personal anecdotes, legal cases, and journalistic reporting, Wu confronts damaging Asian-American stereotypes such as "the model minority" and "the perpetual foreigner." Wu is the first Asian American to serve as a law professor at Howard University Law School.
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Dia's Story Cloth ; The Hmong People's Journey of Freedom
by Dia Cha
"Intricate, colorful scenes of the Hmong's tragic journey, as they flee from country to country, are dramatically pictured in this amazing design." (Allison Martin)
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