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Health and medical information for international and domestic adoption.

Directory of International Adoption Medical Clinics
These doctors and medical clinics in the US and Canada specializing in international adoption health issue are excellent resources for international adoption medical issues.

Baby and Toddler Adoptions - Interrupted or Unexperienced Stages of Development
Developmental interruptions are common in adopted babies who are placed after birth. What causes these interruptions and how can you address them. Patricia Johnston

Choosing Adoption - Developmental Impacts of Orphanages Versus Foster Care
An overview of developmental impacts of children adopted internationally from orphanages and institutions. How and why this may differ from children adopted from foster care. Dawn Davenport

Sensory Integration Problems in International Adoption
Common sensory integration problems in international adoption and how to help.

Health/Medical Advice for International Travel
Dr. Mark Wise, a family physician specializing in international travel health, offers comprehensive, expert guidance on coping with jet-lag, parasites, vaccinations, motion sickness, malaria, and much more.

Infectious Disease and the Internationally Adopted Child
Dr. Jerri Jenista's overview of adoption health issues.

A Pediatrician Discusses Adoption
An Interview with Dr. Michel Cohen.

Hepatitis B
These frequently referenced articles on Hepatitis B and adoption by doctors experienced in international adoption and by adoptive parents provide an indepth look at hepatitis B in internationally adopted children.
Comprehensive coverage of parasites common in children adopted internationally.
Itch, itch! Articles on this common ailment of children adopted from orphanages.

More Adoption Medical and Health Issues
Cytomegalovirus (International Adoption Clinic)
Growth Charts
Children's growth charts from various countries.
Dr. Jenista's Medical Resources for Adoptive Parents

G6PD Deficiency (Dr. Linda Snelling)
Lead (Center for Disease Control)
Travel Precautions (Jean Nelson Erichsen & Heino Erichsen)
Vaccines for International Adoption (Dr. Jane Aronson)
Tests & Vaccinations for Children Adopted from China (Dr. Gindler)

Selected websites with information on attachment disorders for adoptive parents.
Annotated list of online resources for tuberculosis.

In addition, our Childrens Disabilities Information site includes many more articles and resources on special needs.
Cerebral Palsy
Cleft Lip & Palate
Growth & Feeding
Sensory Integration
Skin problems
Sleep Difficulties
Speech & Language Impediments
Vision Impairment
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