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Returnable Girl
By Pamela Lowell

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Review by Allison Martin

Returnable Girl is the touching story of a teenage foster child's social and emotional coming of age in her middle school years. Ronnie is abandoned by her birth mother when she suddenly moves to Alaska, apparently because her boyfriend can not handle her desire to be treated like the other children in their quite dysfunctional family. After a tumultuous three years in foster care she is placed with a loving foster mother, who comes to love her and wishes to adopt her. However nothing comes easily for Ronnie and she faces a difficult choice. Ronnie's struggles in middle school with friendship, popularity and responsibility will be captivating for many teens, and perhaps eye-opening for parents. Uplifting but not saccharine, this is an excellent book for teens and adults interested in foster care, older child adoption, and in teens in general. Pamela Lowell is licensed clinical social worker and therapist specialized in treating teenagers and their families, and her experience and compassion come through in the depth of this book.

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