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Love You Like Crazy Cakes
By Rose Lewis

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Review by Allison Martin

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes has become a classic for families who have adopted from Asia. This beautiful children's book tells the story of a mother's journey to China to adopt her baby girl. It starts with the babies waiting in the orphanage to be adopted, while a mother-to-be waits far away for her. In a short time the mother flies to China to bring her home. The remainder of the book describes the warm and loving relationship between the mother and her little girl.

The book is romantically illustarted with graceful watercolors. The settings are cheerful and bright, warm and party-like. Young children will enjoy the tenderness in the story and illustrtations.

This was one of the first of the China adoption story books, and among the most popular. Parents and young children alike will enjoy reading it together. It is available as a board book and as a larger hard cover, and makes a lovely gift.

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