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"A" is for Adopted
By Eileen Tucker Cosby

"An alphabet book with words related to adoption. This is a light-hearted book young children who are learning their alphabet. It is illustrated with dramatically "cute bubble-head" babies of various races. The book is very brightly illustrated, orange and green are the primary colors. The text is cheerful, sometimes religious, verse of adoption related words: J for joyful, F for family, etc."
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Rosie's Family: An Adoption Story
by Lori Rosove

"An adoption story for young children. Rosie is a little dog who doesn't look like its parents; she is a beagle who was adopted by schnauzers. In the book she explores what it is like to be in an adoptive family. It is a cheerful book, which young children will enjoy." (Allison Martin)
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Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love
By Mary E. Petertyl
"Seeds of Love is a book created for the big brother/sister who will stay at home while his/her parents travel to bring home the new baby. A comforting book that will ease your child's worries about staying home. It also provides parents with a few ideas on how to make your child's wait easier." (Wendy Barron)
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Tell Me Again : About the Night I Was Born
by Jamie Lee Curtis

"An adoption story told with humor and sensitivity. A little girl asks to hear the story of her adoption. It begins with the phone ringing with a special message and contiues through the final preparation and union with her adoptive parents and homecoming. The author is an adoptive parent." (Allison Martin)
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My New Family: A First Look at Adoption
by Pat Thomas,

"Explains to a child how lucky s/he is to be part of a loving family and how fortunate the parents are to have the child. " (AAI)
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Count in Korean with your children.

Adopted and Loved Forever
by Annetta E. Dellinger
This older version adoption book for children equates the love of an adoptive family with the love of God, explaining the many ways adoption into God's family is reinforced in the Bible. It normalizes adoption by explaining that many children are adopted, and there are also many Biblical stories related to adoption, especially how we are adopted as Christians by God. It is rather wordy compared to more modern children's books. It affirms that families can look different, adopted children are special and that parents must be strict as well as loving. A good choice for church classrooms or church libraries.
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The Day We Met sweet adoption story book for young children The Day We Met
By Phoebe Koehler
"The Day We Met You is a wonderfully illustrated and very sweet story about the preparations made when getting the news about becoming the parents of a baby and the experience of joy on meeting their child." (Nancy Jessup)
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Count in Korean with your children.

Chinese Eyes
by Marjorie Ann Waybill, Pauline Cutrell (Illustrator)
An adopted Korean girl gets a lesson in how unimportant it is that some people think she is different.
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I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
By Rose Lewis

"A beloved classic for families who have adopted from China." (Allison Martin)
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The Day We Met sweet adoption story book for young children Zachary's New Home: A Story for Foster and Adopted Children
by Geraldine M. Blomquist, Paul B. Blomquist, Margo Lemieux (Illustrator)
For foster and slightly older adopted children - starting in a new home.
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The Day We Met sweet adoption story book for young children Rain Forest Girl: More Than an Adoption Story
by Chalise Miner
"Written by her adoptive mother, this is the true story of a Brazilian girl and her adoption to the United States. Unique because it is told from the child's perspective and shares her experiences with communication difficulties, homesickness, and cultural confusion. Can be a read-aloud for younger children." (AAI)
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The Day We Met sweet adoption story book for young children Finding the Right Spot: When Kids Can't Live With Their Parents
by Janice Levy, Whitney Martin
For older foster and adopted children - starting in a new home.
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Adoption is for Always Adoption Is for Always
By Linda Walvoord Girard.

"A book about adoption for the elementary school set. This book describes the confusion a young girl feels about her adoption when she realizes that a birth mother is a 'Mommy'. Over the course of the book she gradually learns that adoption is forever. This book is intended to spark discussion between parents and their children about adoption issues and feelings. Charcoal illustrations accompany the text." (Allison Martin)
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Parents Wanted

Parents Wanted
by George Harrar
"Twelve year old Andy is a foster child who desperately needs and wants a loving home; yet Andy struggles with his past and the emotions evoked by his new life with his adoptive parents. Parents Wanted is a real page turner and once you start it you won't want to put it down." (Allison Martin)
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Monsoon Summer
by Mitali Perkins
"In this book for middle school age children, teenage Jasmine Gardner travels to India with her parents and younger brother to volunteer for the summer in an Indian orphanage." (Allison Martin)
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The Sea Chest
By Toni Buzzeo, Mary Grandpre
"A children's picture book about the legend of a baby found after a storm by a lighthouse keeper and his wife, who is raised as their daughter. Although this book does have an adoption theme, it is a romantic view told by the lighthouse keeper's birth daughter." (Allison Martin)
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Write your own adoption story book.

Illustory Write & Illustrate Your Own Book
by Chimeric Inc Staff

"Make your own adoption life story book for your child." (Allison Martin)
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Look Who's Adopted! Look Who's Adopted!
By Michael S. Taheri and James F. Orr

"Written by an adoptive father to reassure his children's concerns about being adopted." (Allison Martin)
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Allison Allison
By Allen Say
"A young Asian girl comes to terms with cross-cultural adoption - beautiful illustrations, but with an odd text."
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