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An Interview with Lori Resove, Author of "Rosie's Family"

Interview By Allison Martin

What inspired you to write your book?

I wrote the book because many of my clients were having a hard time finding a book that provided guidance to parents and children in discussing the many common issues surrounding adoption. My priority was to make it "child-friendly" e.g. fun. I wanted kids to finish reading it and feel happy.

What types of questions do young children typically have about adoption?

The most common ones are addressed in the book. e.g .:
1. Where do adopted children come from?
2. Are adoptive families as good as regular families?
3. What was I like at the beginning?
4. Are you my real parents?
5. What were my birth parents like?
6. Where was I before?
7. Do I belong in my family?
8. Is different bad?

How can parents help their young children discuss adoption with others?

The Notes for Parents at the back of my book provides suggests for talking with your children. With a greater understanding of the adoption concepts and answers to their questions, children will feel more confident about their histories and will be in a better position to answer any questions from peers directly.

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