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The Wonder of a Little Boy

By Wendy Barron

The first time I met my son,
I fell in love.
I looked into his deep brown eyes
with wonderment and awe.
His tiny feet, his baby hands
so soft and sweet, so delicate.
I planted kisses on his round, cherubic face,
and fell deeply in love.

The first time my son walked
on his chubby, sturdy legs,
my heart pulsed with love.
The joy I felt to watch
his determined little being,
balance and step, sway and fall,
and pulling himself up to try again.
How proud was I to watch him grow.

Now this son of mine,
this angel with an impish grin
is fast approaching TWO.
Each day my love for him
understandably grows and weaves itself
deeper into my soul.

Oh, the wonder of this little boy!
My son, my little tyke.
With all of his independence,
his sloppy kisses, his warm hugs,
his silly sense of humor, his insatiable appetite.
With each of his delightful smiles, his snuggles
up against my neck;
his curiosity, his adventurous spirit
getting him into playful mischief.
The sound of his voice,
his contagious little laugh.
The softness of his delicate skin
against mine,
in restful moments of quiet bliss.
His "Vroom Vroom" noises,
following me around the house,
with "Bingle Bells, Bingle Bells,
Bingbo oh de way!"
His zest for life
infecting all around him,
creating joy in the hearts of many.
This is my son, my little boy,
my wonder, my Ryland.

© Copyright 2000 Wendy Barron

Wendy Barron is the mom of two children adopted from Vietnam. Her adoption is highlighted in the Feature Family section of the Families with Children of Vietnam website, in the Feature Familly section. Her family website is full of wonderful photographs and information on adoption.
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