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My Child
Meditations of a New Mom

By Jill Work

My child,
   I carried you in my heart
   before you were even born
And dared to dream
   that you were real.

My child,
   I carried your picture with me
   since the day I received it,
And dared to love
   a child I was yet to meet.

My child,
   I carried you in my arms at last,
   and gazed in helpless wonder
   at your face,
And dared to lose
   my heart to you.

And now, my child,
   a dream fulfilled,
   a prayer answered,
   a family created,
I have dared to become
   a mom.

And so now,
my precious child,
   I shall carry you

Copyright Jill Work 1998

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Jill Work wrote this poem for her daughter Zia, adopted at 17 mos. 2/98 from Ma'anshan, Anhui, China. She is the adoptive mother of two children. Jill can be reached at <> and <>.

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