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An Offering of Time

By Marea Rose Jenness

I live in two time zones, now.
You have brought me 14 hours into the future.
Before dawn here, it is your early evening.

Is someone holding you? Looking into your shining black eyes?
Or, do your eyes search - hungry to reflect a mother's love?
My eyes ache to look into yours for the first time and then again and again.

With your birth, you marked December 5, 2000 forever in my consciousness.
I look at the calendar, and calculate, my son is 7 weeks old today.
Yesterday, I learned your name - Thành Mình - my bright and shining baby boy.

Half a planet away and fourteen hours in the future, my consciousness seeks yours offering my time.
Time reaching back to your ancestors and mine.
Time reaching forward to the children you will share your time with when my time is past.

© Copyright 2001 Marea Rose Jenness

Marea Rose Jenness describes her poem as an "expectant mother's reflections on the road to adoption." It was written while she was waited for the completion of her son's referral. Prior to adopting her little boy, Marea spent several weeks in Vietnam, studying the language and culture in anticipation of her adoption.
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