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Little Boy Lost

By Janet Lee Hickey

Watching you as you sleep,
A baby tear drying on your cheek,
I only want to hold you in my arms

Everything seems so hard,
You don't know where your wishes are,
In dreams they're really not so far away

So when sadness rains
and your hopes get tossed to the wind
Remember, winds blow many ways,
We're bound to see better days,
When smiles leave tears in the haze,
Little Boy Lost...

I would like to tell you now,
That life's no easy road but somehow,
We move on just doing what we can

Happiness will line the gray clouds,
Though we don't have answers right now,
I know this must be hard to understand

So when sadness rains,
And it feels like lonely's all there is,
Remember winds blow many ways,
We're bound to see better days,
When smiles leave tears in the haze,
Little Boy Lost...

Copyright © 1998 Janet Lee Hickey

Janet Hickey wrote this poem in the process of adopting. She explains: "I have always found comfort in writing when things were at a low point in my life. My husband and I had just lost 2 referrals for infant boys in just over 4 weeks. One little angel remains in an orphanage and the other, sadly, passed on. I jotted down this song as a measure of hope and healing...for waiting parents and children alike. I am pleased to share it with you all." Jill's email address is:

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