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Autism Articles

Our Daily Bread
In this heart-warming story, a non-verbal teenage boy with autism finds the help he needs from his camp nurse. Sharon Weinland George and Judith Weinland Justice

Your Child with Autism - When and Who to Tell - Pro's and Con's
When should you discuss your child's autism? Deborah Reber

What is Autism
Symptoms and signs of autism.

Helping Children with Autism Learn
Imitation is the gateway to early learning for children with autism. Bryna Siegel

Asperger's Syndrome, An Interview with Tony Attwood
Tony Attwood answers our questions about raising children with Asperger's and the potential link with prematurity. Allison Martin

Autism: Retaining a Special Education Lawyer for Your Child's School
Advice on using a special education lawyer when you have problems with your child's school. Interview with David A. Sherman. Allison Martin

What Does Autism Look Like?
Perhaps like a child you know... Sheila Webster-Heard

Coaching of Children with Aspergers or Special Needs
How to help children with Asperger Syndrome cope more effectively with the world around them. Dr. Steven Richfield

Siblings of Children with Autism, An Interview with Sandra Harris
Sandra Harris discusses ways to cope with the impacts of autism on your family. Allison Martin

Transition Services from High School for Teens with Autism
Practical suggestions from a special education attorney for parents of teens with autism for transition services from high school for work, life skills and college. David A. Sherman

Autism and Spontaneous or Voluntary Behavior
A compelling description of the possible impact of autism on spontaneous (voluntary) behavior. Portia Iversen

Common Autism Treatments Reviewed
Overview of the most common treatment options for autism. Rachel Evans

Dream for a Daughter with Autism
A mother's feelings when her daughter with autism attends a dance. Pat Linkhorn

Skills Assessments for Sensory Integration
Signs and skill weakness associated with severe sensory dysfunction, aspergers syndrome or autism. An interview with Polly Emmons and Liz Anderson, the authors of Understanding Sensory Dysfucntion. Allison Martin

Aspergers Syndrome - Is There a Cure?
Overview of treatment options for Aspergers Syndrome. Rachel Evans

Communication in Autism
Autism and its impact on speech and communication.

Autism: How Do You Communicate With a Non-Verbal Child?
Suggestions on communicating and respecting nonverbal children with autism. Sylvie Leochko

Auditory Processing
Children with auditory processing disorders may appear unable to hear or process information. Laura Dyer

Conversation Guide for Older Children & Adults
Here are a few things I've learned to make conversations improve my life. James D. MacDonald

The Surprising Power of Waiting
In our work with parents, teachers and therapists, we find waiting to be one of the most powerful ways to help a child communicate. James D. MacDonald

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