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Learning to advocate is essential for parents of special needs children.

Parent Advocacy Articles

Families of Babies With Special Needs Are Increasing
The number of children who need specialized equipment and intensive medical intervention at birth is increasing. However, support and information is limited once they are discharged from the hospital. What can parents and advocates do? Miriam Edelson

Obtaining Extended School Year Services for Your Child with Autism or Other Special Needs
Students with autism or other special needs may require extended school year services when school is not in session, to avoid regression and loss of skills. David A. Sherman

Adjusting to Life with Your Special Needs Child
Having a baby with special needs changes your life. Ask for help with special needs. Diane Murray

Someone I Love
A touching dedication to parents of children with special needs. Lori Hickman

Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities: Parents Lack Information
A research psychologist and the parent of a special needs child explains that parents of disabled children need more access to support and information. Rani Elwy

Your Parent Teacher Conference
Advocacy tips for meeting with your child's teacher. Tracey Wood

An Open Letter to Educators from a Special Needs Parent Advocate
An advocate for parents of children with special needs asks teachers and educators to "look through the windows" of her world. Pat Linkhorn

Will the Real Professional Please Stand?
How parents of children with special needs would like to be treated. Advice for doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists, administrators and other professionals meeting with parents of special needs children. Pat Linkhorn

Professional Ethics for Special Needs Parent Advocates
Parents should have a professional code of ethics that permeates their actions when they advocate for their special needs children. Pat Linkhorn

Ask Until You Get the Right Answer
Take an advocacy tip from your kids on persistence. Pat Linkhorn

The IEP "Test"
Suggestions for a good IEP meeting, plus the unspoken rules for parents of the IEP meeting. Pat Linkhorn

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