Comeunity for parenting adoption and children's disabilities

Children's Disabilities and Special Needs

Parenting Children with Disabilities and Special Needs
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ComeUnity: Children's Disabilities and Special Needs

Parenting children with special needs or disabilities

Special Needs Articles

Advocacy & IEPs
Adoption (Special Needs Children)
Autism & Aspergers Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Cleft palate
Growth & Feeding Issues
Parenting (General)
Sensory Integration
Social Security (Special Needs)
Speech & Language
Vision Impairment

More Special Needs Resources

Allergies and Asthma - in Children

Constipation in Children Links

Seizures in Children Links

Sensory Integration and Adoption


Sleep Difficulties

Special Needs Books

Popular Special Needs Resources

Sensory Integration Dysfunction
The most popular internet destination for balanced information on sensory integration.

Autism Support Articles
Wide ranging articles and help for autism and communication disorders.

Speech, Language and Commuication
Learn all about children's speech and communication issues and therapy.

Children's Special Needs Mailing Lists & Groups
The one stop list of special needs discussion groups - a great resource for parent to parent disability support.

Preemies Special Needs

Special Needs Adoption

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New Special Needs Articles

Sensory Integration, Noise and Your Baby in the NICU
Recommendations on reducing noise in the hospital to protect your premature baby's sensitive hearing.

How to Shop and Cook for a Child with Food Allergies
Suggestions on shopping for and cooking fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, and other basics to avoid food allergens.

Skills Assessments for Sensory Integration
Signs and skill weakness associated with severe sensory dysfunction, aspergers syndrome or autism.

Alleviating Sensory Integration Issues in Adopted Children
Links to answers to common questions from parents of adopted children raised in orphanages or institutions, who have ongoing with sensory integration issues.

Speech and Language Development Concerns
What to do when you have concerns about your child's speech and language development.

Attention Deficits ADD/ADHD- What Teachers Should Know
Over 100 suggestions on teaching children with attention problems. Also applicable for children with learning differences and disabilities.

A parent support website for families of children with special needs.

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