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Allergies affect a large number of children, eight percent of children younger than 6 years experience food intolerances. In addition, allergies to pollen affects nearly 9.3% of the people in the U.S., not including those with asthma.

Children's Allergies Articles

How to Shop and Cook for a Child with Food Allergies
Suggestions on shopping for and cooking fresh meats, vegatables, fruits, and other basics to avoid food allergens. A. Anderson

Food Reactions
A pediatrician discusses food alleriges, food intolerance, food sensitivitiy. Michel Cohen, MD

Watch Out For Allergies With Baby Laundry!
Allergies and your babies sensitive skin. Kirsten Hawkins

Uncovering The Relationship Between Asthma And Allergies
Asthma can be triggered by allergies, as well as other causes. David Silva

Testing For Allergies
The different types of allergy tests. Gray Rollins

Two Types of Dermititis in Children
Common dermatitis affecting babies and children. Jamies

Eczema And The Control Of This Skin Condition
Overview of treatments for exzema. Scott Michaels

Eyes and Allergies
Causes and types of allergies which can affect eyes. Dan Brown

Allergies Can Benefit From Hepa Filters
What to avoid and how they can help allergies. Bianca Bartegi

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