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Infertility/Adoption Books
Reviews of books helpful for couples and singles coping with infertility.

Adoption Books
Reviews of books for people considering adoption.

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Organizations and Links for Infertility & Adoption

Comeunity: Infertility and Adoption
Bridging the gap in experience between infertility and adoption. Articles, resources and book reviews.

A wonderful resource. RESOLVE provides support and information to individuals who are experiencing infertility issues through advocacy and public education. Information on their newsletter, online articles, chapters, membership, local events and publications.

Perspectives Press
Infertility and adoption books provided by Pat Johnston, the prolific author of three books on adoption and infertility. Articles, book reviews and other resources.

Adopt: Assistance, Information, Support
Helpful collection of articles and book reviews on infertility and adoption, including The Financial Impact of Parenthood, by Pat Johnston and Infertility: School for Parenting, by Sandra Lenington.

Infertility and Aftershocks
An excellent article for adoptive and infertile parents on importance of dealing with lingering issues of infertility, by Pat Johnston.

Infertility in Another Culture
Char Siemens describes how living in Nicaragua influences her journey to adoption after endometriosis related infertility.

Adoption after Infertility at
A nice overview and annotated links to resources on adoption after infertility.

From Infertility to Adoption
Brook Dougherty's journey from infertility treatment to adoption. This article was included in the book "Parents at Last" (read book review of "Parents At Last").

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Infertility and the Adoption Journey

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Act of Love
Infertility Solution
Anna's Adoption
Intrusive Questions
Choosing Adoption After Infertility
Resolving the Loss of Fertility
Nothing I Do Helps
Coping With Infertility
Men and Infertility
Empty Womb, Broken Heart
Discussing Adoption And Infertility With Your Partner
Persuing IVF and Adoption?
The Promise of Adoption

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Adoption Book Reviews
Infertility/Adoption Book Reviews
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