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The Promise of Adoption

By Dawn Rogers

An adoptive mother, who is also an adoptee, shares her insights on the "guarantees of adoption" for parents considering adopting.

What are the guarantees of adoption?

That you will love this child brought into your home by the miracle of adoption (yes, it is a miracle even though you are buried in paper work and worries of leaving this precious dream in the hands of "some one" far away who does not even know you!) as much as you will or ever can love any child! Born of you or not!

That you will feel like a "real' parent even if half the city of New York were to stop you at the grocery store and ask about your precious child's REAL parents!

That you will feel, at one time or another, (no matter how educated and refined you are) that you could physically attack that person who is mean (imagined or not!) to YOUR child!

That you will look at your sleeping child (no matter girl or boy or physical imperfection) and think with teary eyes was there ever a more beautiful and perfect child?

That you will WORRY FOREVER about this child and their health, their future,the safety of the world you are leaving them,if they are happy or sad, full or hungry, sleepy or ACTIVE, naughty or nice. Then they will become teenagers... new worries will consume you...

But most of all there is a guarantee that you will never regret this adoption journey and that it will change you forever. You will always be looking out of the corner of your eye for that family just like yours whom you share so much with without even really knowing them! And you will be guaranteed to become a different person then you were before.

© Copyright 1999 Dawn Rogers

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