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Tuberculosis : Annotated Internet Resources

Compiled by Allison Martin

Merck Manual Home Edition
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

BCG Vaccine
Dr. Greene discusses the effectiveness of the BCG vaccine.

CDC-NCHSTP-Division of TB Elimination : Major TB Guidelines
Technical articles on tuberculosis.

International adoptions pose extra TB problems, on Dr. Ellen Aronson's website

Treatment of Tuberculosis and Tuberculosis Infection in Adults and Children.
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Vol 149 1994
Slightly dated but substantial discussion of tuberculosis treatment of children and adults.

Francis J. Curry National Tuberculosis Center
The Online Learning section includes knowledgable factsheets on testing and treatment of TB in a Question and Answer format. Pediatric Tuberculosis is an excellent Q&A on TB testing in children, including BCG and testing recommendations.

Medical Library of the American Medical Association (AMA)
Good introduction to TB and symtoms in children.

Ask NOAH About: Tuberculosis, Bureau of Tuberculosis Control, New York City Department of Health
Tuberculosis questions and answers.

Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center: TB Resources
Basic factsheets and articles on tuberculosis including TB : Getting Cured and Skin Test.

American Lung Association : TB
General TB factsheet.

World Health Organization (WHO) Tuberculosis Site
An international overview forTB detection and treatment.

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