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Growth Charts

Growth charts for babies and children provide information on average height, weight, and head circumference. The growth charts below provide data for babies and children in China, South-east Asia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Growth charts for Chinese Children

Head Circumference Chart for Girls: 1 month - 5 years

Height Chart for Girls: 1 month - 18 months

Height Chart for Boys: 1 Month - 18 Months

Height Chart for Girls: 1 - 5 Years

Height Chart for Boys: 1 - 5 Years

Helpful information from Jim Weaver on using these Chinese growth charts.

Growth Charts for South East Asian Children

Growth chart for SE Asian Girls (Weight, 0-7 years)

Growth Charts for Thai Children

Boys/girls Age 0-12 months

Boys/girls Age 1 to 6 years

Boys Age 6 to 20 years

Girls Age 6 to 20 years

Growth Charts for Vietnamese Children

Growth chart for Vietnamese babies (Weight, 0-36 months)

Growth chart for Vietnamese children (Weight, 0-60 months)

Growth chart for Vietnamese children - in Color (Weight, 0-60 months)

CDC Growth Charts for "American" Children
(National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Year 2000, in PDF format)

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