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The Best Mom?

by Liz Lawrence

This year I received the sweetest Mother's Day card from my daughter's birth mother. On each side was a girl teddy bear, with a heart in the center, each bear holding her side of the heart. Inside Courtney's birth mom had written "You're the best mom Courtney or I could ever hope for. Thank You!"

Wow! The best mom! What an honor! But it's a lot to live up to. Am I really doing it? Can I do it? I pondered this quite a bit over the ensuing weeks, sometimes even feeling guilty after putting Courtney in time-out or scolding her for something. Am I really living up to this "Best Mom" honor that her birth mom has bestowed upon me?

All children need love, of course, but over the years it has become apparent that Courtney needs something more. We have discovered that Courtney has some special needs such as parents with adequate health insurance coverage for regular doctor's visits and costly medications, and parents who are willing to educate themselves so they can recognize her symptoms and understand the importance of prompt treatment, and who can administer the routine treatments necessary to live with certain chronic medical conditions or other special needs.

Courtney's family should be able to help her understand her needs and what she must do to keep herself healthy, and at the same time allow her to lead an active life as a normal kid. We are definitely doing all that.

Out of all the families that could meet Courtney's needs, God chose to bless us with this precious little girl whom we love so very much. I like to think that Courtney came to us because she needed us as much as we wanted her. Thinking of it that way, perhaps I really am the best mom for Courtney!

© Copyright Liz Lawrence

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