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A Precious Gift

By Dawn Welch

I've waited twelve years to meet you, dear baby.
I've shed many tears and heard lots of maybe's.
Outside I've always appeared happy and strong,
But--oh, how nothing could ever be more wrong.
I've ached, grieved, and cried in my sore broken heart.
It has felt like my life might just fall apart.
I hardly can cope as each day passes by,
I find myself praying and asking God "Why?".
I want you, sweet baby, more than I can say.
I've done all I can, but I always will pray.
I know God has picked you for Daddy and me.
So I'll pray and have faith and wait patiently.
The day you arrive and I have you to hold,
I will never forget that long bumpy road.
I'll be thankful and beaming, with a smile on my face,
And then I'll know why I continued the race.
You will be such a gift, a treasure, a prize,
A blessing, an answered prayer, a sight for sore eyes.

© Copyright Dawn Welch

Real Moms is a newsletter by and for adoptive mothers. Support, information, encouragement, and networking for domestic adoption are offered to adoptive and prospective adoptive mothers.

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Real Moms Newsletter

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