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Infectious Disease and the Internationally Adopted Child
Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases 1993, 6:576-584
Dr. Jenista discusses summerizes infectious disease risks for international adoption.

Hepatitis B and Adoption from Asia FAQ. A Martin, Reviewed by Dr. Jeri Jenista
Indepth overview of hepatitis B for parents adopting from Asia.

Vaccinations of Asian Adoptees for Hepatitis B, By Jerri Ann Jenista, MD

Vaccination guidance (An addendum to the FAQ).

Is There Life after Hepatitis B?
"Chronic hepatitis B is not a death sentence." Dr. Jerry Jenista describes that "with careful follow-up, most chidlren with chronic hepatitis B can look forward to a full and normal life."

Hepatitis B: No Guarantee. By Jerri Ann Jenista, MD, Dana E. Johnson, MD, Laurie C. Miller, MD, Dennis L. Murray, MD
Four doctors who are knowledgable in the field of adoption provide a warning about the accuracy and dangers of pre-adoption testing for Hepatitis B.

The Visa Medical Examination: The Facts
"The visa exam has only two purposes: to protect the public health of the citizens of the US and to exclude mentally or morally defective persons from the US who might become public charges."

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