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Preemie Celebrations

Stories and poems by preemie parents celebrating the lives and victories of children born prematurely.

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Guest Book
Preemie Celebrations Guest Book
Share your joy and your child's accomplishments with other parents in our Guest Book.
Articles - Celebrating Preemie Milestones
A Little Guy Makes a Big Hit
Lessons on life from the Little League. Chris Bourgeois
My Daughter's Wedding
A mother celebrates the wedding day of her daughter, who was born premature. Becky Hatfield
Double Digit Birthday
Ten year birthday for preemie twins with special needs. Janet Gresham
Poems - Celebrating the Lives of Preemies
A Gift From God
A grandmother of a preemie wrote this touching poem on the miracle of a premature baby's life. Dianne
A Preemie Grows Up
A mother's joy at the maturation of her teenage daughter, who was born prematurely. Sue Kinney
A Fatherís Wishes For His Son
An uplifting poem of a father's love. Kevin Shay
Lost and Found
A poignant poem about premature birth. Maren Peterson- DeGoff
Prestonís Gift
A father's ode to his belove preemie son, as he struggles for his early life. Kevin Shay
Your Smile
A poem dedicated to a preemie with special needs. Janet Gresham
See Also - Preemie Parent Stories:
Premature Child Show and Tell
Artwork and stories by children born premature.
What A Difference A Year Makes
The emotional and spiritual journey in the NICU. Laura Briddle-Buckman
Prematurity Books
Remarkable stories of preemies and their families.

Premature Baby Premature Child

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