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Preston's Gift

By Kevin J. Shay

You came into our world
Struggling for air,
With courage and heart
You survived a scare.

Your will to live
And be with us,
Inspires and touches us
So very much.

It must have been hard
To go from warmth to thin air,
With a tube down your throat
It didn’t seem fair.

But you fought for your life
It wasn’t much fun,
Making our problems
So small by comparison.

We hope that you know
We’d do anything for you,
You’re worth any sacrifice
That we can go through.

With God’s help above
We’ll conquer any sea,
You’ve reminded us of the way
That life needs to be.

Copyright © Kevin Shay

Kevin Shay is a reporter for the Arlington Morning News. His son, Preston, was born premature at 32 weeks. Read his news story about Preston and prematurity.


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