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In 1975 over 2,000 infants and children were airlifted from Vietnam and adopted by families around the world. When I first heard this story several years ago from several of the participants I was touched that a story with such impact and drama had all but become buried. Since I wrote the original article for Adoption Today magazine (below), many people have volunteered to share their stories and photographs. I have arranged these into several sections depending on the role they played in this historic event. Since then I have received many more stories- these new stories, as well as links and book reviews, can now be found on Adopt Vietnam's Babylift section. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have!
Allison Martin, Families with Children from Vietnam (an adoptive families organization)

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Overview Articles about Operation Babylift

The Legacy of Operation Babylift
What was Operation Babylift? The story of the airlift and adoption of over 2,000 children from Vietnam in 1975. Allison Martin

Each Child Had a Story
The conditions of some of the rural orphanages in South Vietnam in the mid-seventies, at the close of the Vietnam American War. Shirley Peck Barnes

Photographs of Operation Babylift

Operation Babylift Photographs
Dramatic and touching photographs from the Pan Am Airlift - April 5, 1975. Joyce Wertz Harrington and Edwina Aki Lee

Vietnam Homeland Tour Photographs
An adoptive mother travels to Vietnam with her daughter on an Homeland Tour for adult Vietnamese adoptees. You can also read her excerpts from her travel journal. Vikki Murray

Original Stories from Those Who Assisted with Operation Babylift
Adoption Workers, Volunteers, Armed Forces, Red Cross, Airplane Personnel, Nurses

The Story of the Pan Am Airlift -- April 5, 1975
A nurse shares her amazing journey of care and comfort of over 400 babies and children during the emergency flight to their new homes. Joyce Wertz Harrington

This Must Be My Brother
The inspirational story of two midwestern homemakers who brought 100 babies home to United States, during the Vietnam Orphan Airlift. LeAnn Thieman & Carol Dey

A Team Flies to Vietnam
Operation babylist mission and adoption, a personal story. Jim Wallis

Red Cross Volunteers in Operation Babylift
A Red Cross volunteer cares for the babies of Operation Babylift. A touching story of love and compassion. Paula Richardson

Operation Babylift, An Interview with Cherie Clark
Cherie Clark, former director of FCVN in Vietnam, recalls the events during Operation Babylift. Allison Martin

Rosemary Taylor, Adoption Hero
Rosemary Taylor's service to orphans and homeless children in Vietnam between 1967 and 1975. Patricia Palmer

A friend describes the memories of a woman soldier recalling the airlift of the babies and children in this poem. Christina Sharik

Articles and Poetry of Adoptees

Fragile Flames
Poem in remembrance of the children who perished on the C-5A plane crash of the 1975 Vietnam Operation Babylift. Sue-San King

A Belonging of Looks - An Adoptee Returns to Vietnam
An adoptee's journey on a Babylift Anniversary homeland tour to Vietnam. Julie Hessler

Before Adoption - At Home at Holt
Long waits for adoption in Vietnam, prior to Operation Babylift in 1975 when over 2,000 children were airlifted for adoption around the world. Andrea Warren

Sky Girl
An adoptee from the babylift comes to terms with her past. Brent M. Eastwood

A Search for the Past - A Vietnamese Adoptee Visits Vietnam
An adoptee shares his thoughts on his journey to Vietnam in search of his past. Joshua Woerthwein

Adoptee Connection
An adoptee shares his story of growing up in America and his connection with other adoptees. Tuan-Rishard F. Schneider

Stories from Adoptive Parents

Vietnam Homeland Tour Diary
An adoptive mother travels to Vietnam with her daughter on an Homeland Tour for adult Vietnamese adoptees. The insights she gained from this journey are shared in her travel journal. Vikki Murray

In Remembrance of the Babylift Airplane Crash
An adoptive mother recalls the morning of the crash. Susan Winterbottom

She Shimmered in Time
The last baby out of Vietnam during Operation Babylift; her mother Lana Noone shares her story. Charlene Edwards

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