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Before Adoption - At Home at Holt

By Andrea Warren

In this article, Long waits for adoption in Vietnam, prior to Operation Babylift in 1975 when over 2,000 children were airlifted for adoption around the world. This section is excerpted from Andrea Warren's Escape from Saigon, with permission of the author.

One afternoon, when he had just finished his studies on the rooftop and was going outside to play, he spotted his grandmother coming into the Holt building. He ran to her, and she opened her arms to him, hugging him tight. For the next two hours, until she had to leave in order to be home by dark, the two of them walked around the area and then sat on the bench outside the Holt office. Ba told him she has to work every day of the week just to support herself, and it still wasn't enough. She did not want to return to the village, for she felt safer in the city and she wanted to stay close to him.

When she left, she promised to return as soon as she could. As it turned out, this was not until the following spring. By then, Long had been at Holt a year and, in May 1974, had turned eight years old. This time, when Ba came to visit, she brought him his favorite meat sandwich. He could tell by how thin she was that she was not getting enough to eat, and he urged her to keep the sandwich for herself or at least to share it. She would not hear of it, as was not satisfied until he had downed the whole thing.

They sat on a bench near the playground and talked. She said she was pleased at how much he had grown. She patted his arm," They feed you well." She grinned, showing her dark teeth.

"I've been here many months, Ba."

"They say to find a home for a boy like you, it takes time. I hope it is soon."

"But when I go, it will probably be to America, and you won't see me anymore."

The smile vanished from her face, and Long was immediately sorry had had said this. He took a deep breath. "I could come home with you and find a job and help out. Then we could stay together."

Her faded eyes stared in the distance. Her hair was completely white now, and her hands more withered than before. "There is nothing for small child. And I have no extra rice."

When she said goodbye and started her long walk back home, he stood at the gate and waved as long as he could see her.

Once again, sadness engulfed him, swirling around the hole in his heart. Why hadn't his mother stayed alive to care for him? Why couldn't he stay with Ba? Would he ever have a family? Where did he belong?

He did not go back into the Center for several minutes. He didn't want the other children to see his tears.

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