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Children Waiting for Adoption.

Information for those considering adoption of "hard to place" children.

Adoption of Children with Special Needs
Advice from medical and adoption experts, plus personal stories on special needs adoptions.

Boys Oh Wonderful Boys
Stories and photographs from adoptive families encourage the adoption of waiting boys.

The List of International and US Photolistings
Over 75 state, local and international photolistings.

What You Should Know About Adoption Photolistings
Adoption photolistings can be great tools to help you find your child, if you don't let your heart rule your intelligence. Follow this practical advice and advance warning signs for adoption photolistings. Dawn Davenport

Adoption Health and Medical Issues : Comeunity
Medical concerns in international adoption. Over 50 articles by doctors, adoption professionals and parents on Hepatitis B, lead, malnutrition, parasites, travel health, scabies, and other important medical health considerations for families adopting from Asia.

Children's Disabilities Information
A top ranked source of articles for parents of children with special needs. Our disability website provides many articles and resources for parents.

Attaching in Adoption
Author Deborah Gray discusses attachment in adoption, in this exclusive interview.

Our Adoption of a Child with Cleft Palate
The personal story of adoption of Vietnamese child with cleft palate. Lois Fraser

Building A Child's Self Esteem
A disabled child's self identity, and feeling about himself can be very fragile. He will be disinclined to try to progress, if he believes himself to be incapable, a failure, or unimportant. Building a child's self esteem is very important. The best way to do this is to make the child feel needed. Rosemary J. Gwaltney

Our Daughter's Heart Condition
The adoption and subsequent treatment of a Chinese baby with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). Barb Burke

Our Daughter's Arthrogryposis
The adoption story of a Korean baby with arthrogryposis who is growing up to be a talented young girl. Barb Burke

Are Institutions a Place to Call Home?
Dr. Groza's review of the impacts of long term institutionalism of children adopted from Romania has implications for children remaining in institutions around the world. Victor Groza, Daniela F. Ileana, and Ivor Irwin

Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
Interview with Trish Maskew the author of "Our Own Adopting and Parenting the Older Child" Allison Martin

Preparing Families for Adoption of Instiutionalized Children with Special Needs and/or Children At Risk for Special Needs
Advice for parents on adopting children who are at risk for special needs. Dr. Victor Groza and Daniela F. Ileana

International Adoption and Lessons Learned from Romania
In this interview, Dr.Victor Groza discusses how you can prepare for international adoption and provides an overview of the impacts of institutionalism. Allison Martin


Adoption of Children with Special Needs Adoption of Children with Special Needs

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Adoption of Boys

Articles on Special Needs Adoptions
Attaching in Adoption
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Perfect Child - Cleft
Building Self Esteem
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Adoption Cleft Palate
Daughter's Arthrogryposis
Daughter's Heart Condition
Are Institutions Homes?
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Institutionalized Children
Lessons frm Romania

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