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Adoption Photolisting - Asian Children Waiting for Adoption in the United States

Waiting Children of Asia - Adoption Photolisting - United States listings

This adoption photolisting of Asian children waiting for adoption in the United States social services system was compiled by volunteers who have spent hours viewing the adoption websites. Some children have been submitted directly by their state adoption case workers. For current information on each child or sibling group, contact the social workers or state adoption agency as indicated. This is our family website, we do not place children for adoption.

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Updated: March 2006


South Carolina Adoption

Search on Adopt Kids South Carolina or go to Asian children at Adopt US Kids
Novie or Jacob (two different names given) is an impish, eleven –year old, full of energy and mischievous smiles. Jacob has faced many challenges in his young life. He was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, ADHD, encopresis and enuresis. Yet he is adjusted well to an environment that provides clear expectations and consequences. Jacob will require significant parental involvement in his life and a great deal of patience to achieve success.
Thanks to Linda Andrus for this links.

Washington Adoption

Northwest Adoption Exchange Waiting Children
African American/Pacific Islander
Legally free, KEISHA (8/91) is a cute girl with bright, sparkling brown eyes and dark, curly hair. Her appearance favors her African American roots more than her Hawaiian heritage, and she is most familiar with the African American community. While Keisha dresses like a typical 11-year-old, testing places her in the slow learner/borderline range of intelligence, and her emotional, social, and behavioral development is that of a three or four year old child. Keisha requires a highly structured home with parents who able to work closely with the professionals treating her, and who can maintain a predictable, consistent daily routine.
Thanks to Paulette Caswell, Northwest Adoption Exchange, for letting us know about Keisha.


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