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Cultural Diversity Children's Books

Children's books on cultural diversity.

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Children Just Like Me
by Anabel Kindersley, Barnabas Kindersley
"Wonderful photographs of people and places. " (Adoption Advocates International)
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Children Just Like Me: Celebrations!
by Anabel Kindersley, Barnabas Kindersley
"Celebrations around the world, in this colorful sequel to Children Just Like Me! Both are very popular books with adults and children." (Allison Martin)
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To Be a Kid
by Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivanko
"Colorful pictures of children of all races from numerous countries particiapting in various kid type activities. To be a kid means... goofing off, riding a merry-go-round, going to school... A fun way to illustrate diversity and similarity of children, that young children can relate to and enjoy. This is a great resource for preschools, churches and home." (Allison Martin)
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Children from Australia to Zimbabwe: A Photographic Journey Around the World
by Maya Ajmera and Anna Rhesa Versola
"A colorful book depicting children around the world and their different lives. Twenty six countries are covered, one for each letter of the alphabet, including he US, China, Vietnam, India, Hungary, Guatemala, Russia, and Mexico. Each country has two pages with a simple map, flag, human interest facts on the people and country and several photographs of children. Not as fun as the above books, but more focus on a variety of countries." (Allison Martin)
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If the World Were a Village: A Book About the World's People
by David J. Smith

"A great way to teach your children that America isn't the center of the universe." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Material World: A Global Family Portrait
by Peter Menzel, Charles C. Mann, Paul Kennedy
"Fantastic book to jumpstart family discussions about social justice and living conditions in various countries. Presents amazing photos of "statistically average" families and their posessions in many nations." (Adoption Advocates International)
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All the Colors We Are : Todos los colores de nuestra piel - The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color
by Katie Kissinger, Wernher Krutein
From the publisher: Magnificent color photographs and simple, engaging language capture the essence of one way we are special and different from one another-our skin color! Answers the "what and why" questions that children love to ask. Includes unique activity ideas.
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