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Practical advice and inspiration for parents of children with special needs or disabilities.

The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet
by Marilyn Agin, Lisa Geng, and Malcolm Nicholl
"An excellent guide for parents who have concerns over their child's delayed speech. Expert advice from a pediatrician who worked in the field of Early Intervention and a parent activist." (Allison Martin)
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Order Does my child have a speech problem? Does My Child Have a Speech Problem?
by Katherine Martin
"This overview of common speech and communication problems provides a brief description and presentation of treatment options for each. Useful for parents attempting to determine why their children are having problems communicating." (Allison Martin)
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Order New Language of Toys The New Language of Toys : Teaching Communication Skills to Children With Special Needs : A Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Joan E. Heller Miller and Sue Schwarts
"How to use toys and games to encourage young children to communicate and use speech. This book is especially useful for parents who wish to encourage their toddler or preschooler's speech who may not have access to a speech/language pathologist." (Allison Martin)
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Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences, A Parent's Complete Guide to Language Development
by Julie J. Masterson Phd, Kenn Apel Phd, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
"Help your child develop the communication skills. Information on language development, environmental impacts, and problems."(Allison Martin)
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Order Listening Problems Childhood Speech, Language, and Listening Problems : What Every Parent Should Know
by Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi
"This is a comprehensive overview of communication disorders and treatment in children. Out of print, but available used." (Allison Martin)
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Songames for Sensory Integration
by Aubrey Lande and Bob Wiz
"Fun songs and music with sensory integration and communication activities with children." (Allison Martin)
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Order Childhood Motor Speech Disability Childhood Motor Speech Disability
by Russell J. Love
The indepth guide for speech-language pathologists. Literature review includes childhood motor speech disability, neurology, and childhood dysarthrias of cerebral palsy and the lower motor neuron, as well as developmental verbal dyspraxia, assessment, speech management, and therapy for childhood motor speech disability.
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Communicate With Your Child
By James D. MacDonald & Barbara Mitchell
"These gentle recommendations for encouraging your child to communicate are useful for all parents of children with delayed speech." (Allison Martin)
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