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Dr. Jerri Jenista Pre-Adoption Medical Review

Jerri Ann Jenista, MD is a well known pediatrician, lecturer and writer in the field of adoption medical health.

Instructions on setting up a pre-adoption medical review from Dr. Jenista:

1. Usually, you should call before sending a tape, especially if you have a particularly short deadline. If I will be out of town for any significant period, there will be a message on the answering machine.

2. Make COPIES of everything you have, including photographs, video, medical and social records. Packages do get lost. Color photocopies of the pictures are fine. MATERIALS WILL NOT BE RETURNED so be sure to make copies of any information you send.

3. If the child is from China, Guatemala, India or any non-Eastern European or former Soviet Union country AND does not have any identified special need, you may fax BOTH the English and original language paperwork. You may still have to send pictures or video at a later date.

4. E-mail referrals can be sent to jajenista@aol.com. It must say ADOPTION in the subject line. Include your day and night phone numbers and address.

5. If you have sent an earlier tape or record on the same child, please include a copy of the paperwork or indicate the date on which I reviewed the first data so that I can find the original file easily.

6. Use the above address for all delivery services. Please waive the signature requirement. Deliveries are accepted every day including weekends.

7. Turn around time is usually 24 hours unless there is a particularly heavy workload.

8. Please include a letter with any particular concerns or questions, your daytime and nighttime phone numbers and any alternative ways of contacting you. You will receive a phone call evaluation. Written reports are too time-consuming and I do not provide them unless there is a special circumstance.

9. The fee is $200 for referrals that are complete before travel. The fee covers all services pertaining to the pre-adoption process including consults from overseas while the family is traveling. For referrals that the family receives overseas, the fee is $400. If there are special circumstances or this is not a Russian or Eastern European referral, fees may be negotiated. Checks should be made out to Dr. Jenista.

10. If you are sending a written update on a previously reviewed child, you may fax the information. Be sure to include the date of the first review. Fax reviews will not be provided for referrals where there are pictures or videos available. The only exceptions are certain emergencies and non-Eastern European/Russian referrals.

Revised June 21, 2008

Jerri Ann Jenista, MD
551 Second Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA
fax 734-668-9492

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Dr. Jerri Jenista International Adoption Medicine

Dr. Jerri Jenista, International Adoption Medicine

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