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NICU Notebook
A Parent's Journal

Maureen A. Doolan Boyle

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Review by Allison Martin

The NICU Notebook is a record keeping journal for parent's of multiple babies born prematurely to assist record keeping for their babies are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Giving birth prematurely is an overwhelming, life changing experience; it is all the more overwhelming if you have more than one premature baby. The NICU Notebook provides a format for organizing the experiences of you and your baby during this traumatic but crucial time. The events which occur for your baby during their time in the NICU can play a critical role for your baby's future needs and development. The NICU Notebook helps you keep track of these events.

There are two parts to the NICU Notebook. The first section provides helpful information and advice for parents with babies in the NICU. This section encourages parents to stay as informed as possible in their babies' progress, and also encourages parents' participation in their babies' care during their time in the NICU. Advice is provided on such key subjects as communicating with your baby's doctor, breastfeeding, and preparations for going home.

The majority of the Notebook is given over to blank, lined pages for parents to record information and their experiences for each baby. The notebook is a small three ringed binder, so that pages may be easily moved or added. Four sections are provided, each headed with a different color summary page for each baby. The introductory page provides space for entering key information. These journaling pages are nicely titled: "Mom's and Dad's thoughts, feelings, things they want me to know, things they do not want to forget, things they think they will never forget." The bottom of each pages states "I am loved."

The NICU Notebook is a useful tool for parents who have multiple preemies in the NICU. It would make a great gift and well as being something parents will want to purchase themselves.

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$15 plus shipping & handling from:

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Telephone 631 859-1110
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