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Sleeping Through the Night

How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents
Can Get a Good Night's Sleep

By Jodi A. Mindell

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Sleeping Through the Night, by Jodi A. Mindell, provides practical yet sympathetic advice on helping you and your child have an uninterrupted night of sleep. The information and advice in this book will equip you with a good foundation for establishing good sleep patterns for your whole family. If this sounds like a dream, this book is for you.

An experienced psychologist, Jodi Mindell is currently the Pediatric Clinical Director of the Sleep Disorders Center, Allegheny University. She brings her professional background to this book without losing the readers in jargon or confusing detail.

Sleeping Through the Night provides an informed view of the psychology and physiology of sleep, from the sleep cycles and need for sleep through sleep habits and problems through to solutions.

A variety of families will find this book helpful. Adoptive parents will also find it useful with the transition period and as their children grow. New parents who are trying to install good sleep habits in their children will benefit from her practical advice and overview. Parents of children with special needs will appreciate the educational foundation this book provides and the overview of various sleep disorders.

A Quote from Sleeping Through the Night:

"Positive sleep associations are what you want your baby to have in order to help your baby fall asleep quickly and easily on his own. They should also be present when he wakes during the night. Appropriate positive sleep associations include sleeping in a certain position, sleeping with a teddy bear or favorite object, having the light off and the door closed, or having a fan running all night. It doesn't actually matter whether a fan is running or the light is off, the important thing is having the bedroom environment constant at bedtime and throughout the night."

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