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The No-Cry Sleep Solution:
Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

By Elizabeth Pantley

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Review by Allison Martin

Pantley provides a detailed methodology to help babies sleep through the night. It is full of parenting tips, advice and practical suggestions. Real life stories and quotes flesh out each situation. This is an impressive array of factors that can interfere with getting a full night's sleep, plus suggestions for every one.

Pantley's style is empathetic and calm, as she describes the myriad sleeping problems you might face. Her emphasis is on caring for your child in a loving and compassionate manner. The main focus of the book is a ten day plan to help your baby transition to sleeping through the night. She also provides information on sleep problems for babies and adults, common interruptions, and ways to analyze your babies sleep patterns. Daily charts, parenting tips, quotes, and numerous examples flesh out the examples in the book.

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