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The New Basics :
A-to-Z Baby & Child Care for the Modern Parent

By Michel Cohen

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Review by Allison Martin

Perfect for parents who tend to worry too much, Dr. Cohen's book provides an overview of many of the minor health issues of young children. It is an upbeat look at common concerns of first time parents. Dr. Cohen provides a positive outlook on almost every topic he addresses, and he addresses quite a few. His reassuring advice covers an enclyclopedic number of topics, from apgar scores to warts. Just as a sample of the topics he covers: adoption, anesthesia, bottle refusal, eye crusting, flu, thrush, vomiting and much more. Dr. Cohen illustrates each section with imaginary patients, and "real question" from parents in his New York practice. This adds to the feeling of personal visit with your pediatrician. While not recommended for parents of children with special needs, this book is useful to parents who seek reassurance for typical childhood situations.

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