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Celebrating Family Milestones :
By Making Art Together

By Debra Linesch

Celebrating Family Milestones

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Review by Allison Martin

Celebrating Family Milestones By Making Art Together is a colorful guide to a wide variety of art projects to share with your children marking special family milestones.

Art psychotherapist Debra Linesch provides step by step directions for each project, along with a discussion of ways to highlight and record events in your family's life. Her book is organized by type of transition or event - for example, moving, divorce, birthdays, and trips away. Colorful photographs of each project, list of supplies and directions make for a lively, inspirational craft book. Most of the activities are for children of older elementary age up to teenage and adult. A few can be modified for younger children.

Debra Linesch has a background in family therapy, education and art, which she uniquely combines to encourage the discussion and recording of your feelings and your children's feelings during these transitions. By using creativity to express themselves, children can work through these changes to understand themselves better and also to feel more secure as family members. If you are craft oriented and enjoy sharing creativity with your older child(ren), you may find yourself inspired by the wonderfully illustrated projects, such as an accordion book, calendar with flaps, and a family tree.

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