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The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child

By Marti Olsen Laney

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Review by Allison Martin

This helpful parenting book from Marti Olsen Laney is based upon the premise that people tend to be either extroverted (energized by interaction with others) or introverted (energized by their own thoughts and time with the self). She explains how these types can differ and suggest ways for parents to enjoy and validate their introverted children. Since extroverts tend to be predominate in our American society (25%), and thus their traits valued, this book can be very helpful to parents who have more introverted children.

It can be especially helpful for adoptive families, they are more likely to have a variety of personalities. As she explains, children who are adopted often have different temperaments from those in their family. She believes it that it is important to pay attention to your child's character traits. Luckily adoptive parents can be more open to differences in their children, to appreciate different temperament to feel less responsible. Temperament seems to be biological, twins raised separately often have the same temperament and interests.

She gives the label of "outie" to extroverts and "innie" to introverts, and then provides explanations of ways to assist introverted children in different situations - home, school, etc. She also covers stages of childhood, sibling rivalry, teaching, and ways to nuture temperament.

This book is helpful to any parent raising an introverted child. As energy mismatches can be common in adoptive families, parents may find this book quite useful.

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