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The Black Parenting Book: Caring for Our Children in the First Five Years

By Allison Abner, Linda Villarosa, Anne C. Beal

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Review by Allison Martin

The Black Parenting Book is a thoughtful, comprehensive resource for parents of young African, African-American or biracial children from three African American mothers with impressive writing credentials and experience. Intermingled with solid advice on child care, the authors offer thoughtful and positive advice on parenting black children, addressing key topics such as how to care for hair of black children, and instill a sense of pride in the process. With insights on parenting from babyhood to preschool this well informed book would be a great resource for new adoptive parents or parents to be.

The Black Parenting Book responds to questions all new parents have about caring for and raising their babies and young children, such as:

  • How can I help my baby sleep through the night?
  • How do I potty train my child? Am I expecting too much?
  • What should I do if my child is sick?
  • Should I choose a preschool? What questions should I ask?
  • How will I know if my child ready for kindergarten?

But even more importantly, Black Parenting Book addresses topics related specifically to parenting black children, such as:

  • how to instill pride and independent thinking,
  • how to prepare young children for racist comments,
  • how to teach children about racism in the media,
  • how to value African American culture will fitting in to (white) society, and even,
  • where to find quality clothes which emphasis black pride.

I recommend this balanced and comprehensive parenting book for any new parent (or parent to be) raising black children, but especially for multiracial families and adoptive families.

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