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Classroom Success for the LD And ADHD Child

Suzanne H. Stevens

Classroom Success for the LD and ADHD Child
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Reviewer: Allison Martin

In Classroom Success for the LD And ADHD Child, Stevens provides a wealth of experience, both from a teachers' point of view and as a therapist, for helping your learning disabled child not only survive the school system but benefit from the process. The first several chapters discuss a hypothetical story of a child with LD and ADHD and the damage from school and lack of understanding. The majority of the books provides an excellent overview of ways to work with the school system in acquiring help and understanding for your child and their education.

This book is recommended highly for parents looking for suggestions on how to work with the school to modify school work and their environment for their LD or LD/ADHD child. At the heart of Classroom Success for the LD And ADHD Child is the damage that an uninformed school experience can have on the self esteem of a child with learning disabilities. She responds with useful suggestions for modifications to school setting and school work. In the process they can preserve their child's fragile self esteem.

Classroom Success for the LD And ADHD Child will be useful to parents of children who are in regular classes, resource rooms or special education classes. The primary focus of the book is learning disabilities, although modifications and impacts of some aspects of ADHD are included (primarily hyperactivity). But so many LD issues are covered - reading, spelling, speaking, and paying attention - that most parents or educators of ADHD or LD children will benefit from this book.

Detailed, proven techniques are provided for both classroom and homework management. For example, the section headings for teachers in the area of classroom enforcement techniques include these titles: Punishments and rewards must be immediate; Rewards must be pleasant; Punishments must be unpleasant; Discipline must be consistent; and Discipline must be understood. Adjustments in texts, materials and assignments; IEP and other meetings; taking test; modifying testing conditions; realistic homework - all are covered thoroughly. Even social skills issues are addressed, a vital part of any child's experience in school is recommended for parents, specialists, and teachers.

Get this book, if you are looking for ideas on how to work with your teacher, administrators and child to improve the school environment for your child's education.

Quotes from the book:

"When teaching LD/ADD children, the rate at which they learn must be taken into consideration. They must be taught at their own speed. This can be accomplished by presenting a concept, then keeping the student supplied with materials until he masters it and is ready to move on. This approach is called 'conceptual teaching'.

The human brain learns in a conceptual format. It takes in related pieces of information until it catches on to the pattern and recognizes the overall concept. That's when the student says, 'Oh, now I get it!' This usually takes place after repetition and practice. Getting the new knowledge into long-term memory requires even more practice."

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