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Ways to Help Improve Fine Motor Skills

List of fun activities to improve children's fine motor skills.

By Joyce L. Evans, contributer to Show Me You Love Me: A Parent's Fun Guide to Teaching Children They Are Valuable

Complete fine motor tasks with child observing which hand he uses. Stop whenever you see frustration. Try another fine motor activity or begin again tomorrow.

  1. Toothpick construction
  2. Lego construction using the small pieces
  3. Nail and hammer
  4. Nuts and bolts-assemble and take apart
  5. Art with finger paint
  6. Art with shaving cream
  7. Art with pudding
  8. Art with seeds
  9. Squeeze - balls, lemons, water bottles
  10. Wiggle - a rod, drumstick, pencil through the fingers. Try not to drop.
  11. Sew - needle and thread-sewing cards
  12. Straight pin pick up - put into cushion
  13. Any games with small pieces to assemble
  14. Locks and keys
  15. Twisty ties - make a chain, loop or rope
  16. String beads
  17. Count kernels of popcorn
  18. Button
  19. Zip
  20. Play the piano or keyboard
  21. Crack peanuts in shells
  22. Play dough

This helpful list of fine motor activities is excerpted, with publisher permission, from the inspirational children's bonding and activity book, Show Me You Love Me: A Parent's Fun Guide to Teaching Children They Are Valuable by Tara Koerber.

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