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Vietnam Adoption Stories

Vietnam Adoption Stories

Vietnam Adoption Stories - adoptive parents and adoptees share their stories.

Three Years After Our Adoption From Vietnam
The adoption journey wasn't what I planned; It was even better. Jan Curtis

On the Anniversary of Our Greeting and Receival
The wonderful experiences adoption brings. Karen Biddulph

Adopting Abby
The adoption of a fifteen month old girl from Danang, Vietnam. Cindy Sitz-Davanzo

United with My Vietnamese Daughter
A single Australian woman becomes the mother of baby from Vietnam. Amanda Buckley

Operation Babylift
The story of the airlift of 1975, when thousands of Vietnamese children were adopted following the Vietnamese-American war. Allison Martin

Before Adoption - At Home at Holt
Long waits for adoption in Vietnam, prior to Operation Babylift when over 2,000 children were airlifted for adoption around the world. Andrea Warren

Vietnam Homeland Tour Photographs
An adoptive mother travels to Vietnam with her daughter on an Homeland Tour for adult Vietnamese adoptees. You can also read her excerpts from her travel journal. Vikki Murray

A Belonging of Looks - An Adoptee Returns to Vietnam
An adoptee's journey on a Babylift Anniversary homeland tour to Vietnam. Julie Hessler

A Search for the Past - A Vietnamese Adoptee Visits Vietnam
An adoptee shares his thoughts on his journey to Vietnam in search of his past. Joshua Woerthwein

Adoptee Connection
An adoptee shares his story of growing up in America and his connection with other adoptees. Tuan-Rishard F. Schneider


Vietnam Adoption
Vietnam Adoption

How to Adopt from Vietnam
Vietnam Adoption Stories

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